The Great Egg Fleet OffensiveEdit

Mario wakes up and notices that his friends are okay. He then checks the Emeral Radar and finds out that they still posess four of the Chaos Emeralds. However, Ganondorf is trailing somewhere behind them stalking and looking for them as they escaped him from death twice. Mario and the other heroes looks up at the horizon and they find the Omega Doomship and Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach. They all get shock except Shadow who gets into a small argument with Sonic and Mario and then quit the team to look for the emeralds himself. The other heroes then rushes to Professor E. Gadd. The professor then helps them out and gives them a jet that looks similar to the Tornado. Luigi bags many items just in case. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman and Bowser plans to unleash the Koopa Army with Basilisx in control.

However, Dr. Eggman also plots to destroy the heroes using Mecha Mario. The heroes flies the plane only get attacked by the Egg Fleet. Sonic then jumps on the fleet and told the others to follow. Mario and Yoshi successfully jumped however, Luigi was scared and Mario carried him over. Bowser then orders them to attack and the army fights the heroes on the deck. Sonic and Mario tagteams as Yoshi and Luigi goes separate. Mario then uses the Cape Feather and Luigi uses the Tanooki Suit. They then hand Sonic the Fire Flower and they all transform. Yoshi then drives the plane and pretends to be Snoopy. Luigi and Mario then teasm up and then Luigi and Sonic and then Sonic and Mario. Basilisx then gets news that Mario is raiding the ship and Basilisx gets surprised. He then turns the Koopatrol to stone and then goes on the sky deck. He then stops the army and the heroes. He then chats with Mario and co. and prepares to kill Mario. Mario and Basilisx fight it out until Mario powers down and transforms into Hammer Mario.

Sonic, Yoshi and Luigi were fighting the Koopatrols. Basilisx and Mario keep trading punches until Mario gains the upperhand. However, Basilisx tricks Mario and then beats him up. He then turns Yoshi to stone. Luigi tries to help him and Sonic defeats the remaining Koopatrols. Then Luigi turns to stone. Sonic then tries to fight him but turns to stone afterwards. Basilisx then revealed his claws and gains the advantage in the fight. Mario then starts to pummel him until Mario gets poisoned and then gets turned into a slave in chains.

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