The ConquestablesEdit

This is an animated series created by Emblem64.

Primary CharactersEdit

  • Aaron: He is the bravest of the teens/kids and the nicest. He always puts others before himself and seems to have this sort of silly personality. He has a crush on Ruby.
  • Jimmy: He is the best friend of Aaron and seems to always bug or annoy Ruby. However, they are all best friends.
  • Ruby: She is the main female protagonist and seems to harness a crush on Aaron. She has the shortest temper of all the kids and is the best friend of Amy.
  • Jackson: He is the tough boy karate kid who has a crush on Amy. However, he is shown to be insignificantly weak.
  • Amy: She is the pretty girl that is snobbish and stuck up. However, everyone likes her. She likes Jimmy.
  • Tobi: He is the one that loves to eat and is fat. However, he posses immense amount of strength.
  • Devon: He is the smartypants and seems to be a bit timid. However, he is very brave and quick thinking when needed to be.
  • Pouch: He is a pig that is just like the others. He never talks but is just as skilled.
  • Zane: He is the cool one that is light headed a lot and dim witted. However, he can be strong, brave and sweet.


Season 1: 2010-2011Edit

Prod. No. Title ShortSummary Original airdate
1 When things go BOOM! Aaron, Jimmy and Ruby try to find out who is stealing the candy at the local candy store. July 20, 2002
2 Fillers The gang tries to discover who is trying to stop their rivalry school from beating them to the great god table of doom. September 6, 2002
3 Gone Wild After getting trapped in school for a day, Jimmy goes insane and goes on a psycho rampage around school. Aaron and Ruby must then stop him from getting expelled. September 13, 2002
4 A Challenge We Must Aaron takes on the challenge of fighting his rival, Ray in a derby race to win the school money for more items to improvise. Jimmy then teaches him when he reveals he knows how to. September 20, 2002
5 First Steps Tobi looses his cupcake for lunch and tries to find out where it has gone. He tries to find out where he would have left it. September 27, 2002
6 Prove this Eat that Andy and Kyon save the SOS Brigade even though they are the laziest in the Whole Group. October 4, 2002
7 Way of the Elf SOS Brigade meet dangerous elfs From Elf Town. October 14, 2002
8 The Good, The Bad & The Aaron SOS Brigade Quickly get wiped out while its up to Jessica,Jack and Benjamin to Aid the SOS Brigade and Defeat Jane...
9 The Haunted Shadow Everyone Except Yuki Gets Stuck in Zombie Slime.
10 Champions Everyone the School(and SOS Brigade) Go against Danny Because he Saved everyones life but no one knows it but Danny.
Movie1 An Aaron Christmas Devin's Clan Got wiped out by Alienex.Devin turns Super.
12 Carnival Country Valerie Heals Yuki from Her Death by Zombo.
13 In the End If the SOS Brigade Fails a test,They Die.
14 Scarced Devin Sacrafices His Life So The SOS Brigade Can Live.
15 Warp-time Grombie Comes on TV from a different Planet Saying He will Get Humans in the future.
16 Webs of Doom The SOS Brigade Fights A Giant Spider And Yes Again, Devin uses Explosive Blow to kill Himself And the Spider. Devin Gets Brought Back to life By the Jewel Of Life. He tells them what Heaven looks like and how it is.
17 Shadow Two Thoughts Tonagochi Flurts with Mikuru which makes Kyon mad. Devin and Kyon Fight and Devin Sacrafices Himself to Paralyze Kyon For a bit.
18 Everyone gets to shine The SOS Brigade throw a party for Devin for sacricing himslf for many things.
Movie 2 Finde Me Seek You The SOS Brigade Die from Jane And her Fire and Ice Gauntlets. Danny Survives Using his Magic. Danny Almost dies from killing Jane.

Season 2Edit

Prod. No. Title Original airdate
19 Fuse-Ha

SOS Brigade train against eachother. They Fight Zombo after training.

20 Weckan:Drill Master A new Villain Tries to kill Jack.
21 Jack's new move:Reverse Jack abuses the power of reversal in Training.
22 Eternal Demension Space-Travaling is something Enasaka wants to do. But Unfortanantly, NASA wont let her.
23 Devin's Reverse Life Devin uses A Sacrafice Move but Jack reversals it keeping him alive and the Spider Dead.
24 Booty Kicker SOS Brigade Makes a play called:Booty Kicker.
25 Huminoid Love Yuki Drinks a Love Potion and falls in LOVE with Humanoid:Hunter.
Movie 3 Hyper-Go-Energy Haruhi and Kanika Turn Super to Defeat Stonix.
27 Go for the Kill Yuki and Calie Fight to the Death.
28 Transformation Freak Jack Learns to transform into a Cat.
29 Death by holler Jack and Devin make new combos with their dangerous skills.
30 Row,Row,Row your Jets Haruhi Gets Extreme-Speed Jet Boots.
31 Fashion Girls Some Girls Who call themselves the "Fashion Girls" Give people Fashion tickets which means they have poor fashion and their going to kill people who have poor fashion tickets with a mallet or A special sword called "The Fashion Killer"
32 LOL Kanika Plays an online game with Espers and gets caught in the middle of a conversation about Espers...
33 The Hidden Tomb To get to a pyramid FULL of JEWELERY the SOS Brigade must Beat a Crossword puzzle.
Movie4 Jane&Zombo Zombo Brought Jane Back to life. Not as a zombie.
35 Future War Mikuru Senses A war in the Future.
36 Time Killers Elf Girl Tries to destroy time travaling so mikuru can die.
Movie 5 New Power Alienex Steals A scouter Using it to sense the SOS Brigades Power.

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