TMNT: Turtles UnleashedEdit

This is a spin-off of the original series of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Primary CharactersEdit

  • Leonardo: He is the oldest and the leader of the turtles. He is calm and seems to be the strategist of the group. Of all the turtles, he seems to get along with Mike the most. He has developed a rivalry with his younger (second oldest) brother, Raphael. However, when they do get along, they make a great team. They have fought numerous times to which Leo has always turned out on top. However, starting in season 4, Raphael starts to win and eventually beats Leo in their last physical confrontation.
  • Raphael: He is the second oldest of the turtles. He seems to have a strained relationship with all of his brothers however, he holds a significant bond with Donatello and Michelangelo at times. He has a strong rivalry with Leonardo to which he always loses. He has an obsessive temper and is a hothead. He would never beat Leonardo until starting their fights in the fourth season and on. Raphael is the only turtle to have a significant relationship with Casey Jones.
  • Donatello: He is the third oldest and second youngest. He seems to be the intellect and the brains of the family. He is usually responsible for anything involving mechanics and stuff that involves building or using critical thinking.
  • Michelangelo: He is the youngest of the turtles and seems to be the most bubbly, fun and goofy one of the group. He loves pizza and seems to always have a joke up his sleeve. He however, does not realize sometimes when an enemy has gotten on his nerves.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Master Splinter
  • April
  • Casey Jones


  • Shredder
  • Ninja Bunny
  • Hun
  • Foot Ninja
  • Baxter Shockman
  • Anti-Turtles
  • Rogue Warriros
  • Triceratons
  • Bio-Raphael
  • Mechanism
  • Man-Turtle
  • Destroyer-X
  • Turtle Bot
  • Indestructaboid
  • Rogue Allgatron
  • Shadow


Season 1: 2005-2006Edit

# Total Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. Code
1 1 "Night of the Turtles Part I" Anthony Bell Aaron McGruder & Rodney Barnes November 6, 2005 103
The four turtles are confronted by Hun as they are fighting the foot ninja off. Hun then plans his final step and attacks directly. The four turtles beats Hun but are startled when an old enemy returns to exact his revenge on them.
2 2 "Shredder Returns Part II" Anthony Bell Aaron McGruder & Rodney Barnes November 13, 2005 101
Shredder plans to plant the turtles in their own failure. However, they are determined to stop his reign of terror as they discover that only Master Splinter can defeat him. With their master captured, the Turtles must find it in their heart to beat Shredder.
3 3 "Hun's Clan" Anthony Bell Aaron McGruder & Rodney Barnes November 20, 2005 102
Zane goes to steal money from the bank but gets stopped by Spiderman who asks for his help. The two then must stop the Rhino and Sandman. Meanwhile, the Green Goblin plans on a special treat for the two heroes.
4 4 "In the Shadows" Joe Horne Aaron McGruder & Rodney Barnes November 27, 2005 104
After an incident at the beach, Killer Wolf is born. He then seeks to defeat Knightfire when Crimehead tricks him into thinking that he is the only one with the cure that he needs. Troy returns from Michigan.
5 5 "Turtle X" Joe Horne Aaron McGruder & Rodney Barnes December 4, 2005 106
Knightfire helps Alsteroid steal supplies he needs from different stores. Crimehead and Mentallio both are working on projects of their own. Knightfire then must stop Alsteroid when he realizes that they are he is going to destroy the sun.
6 6 "Reflection" Seung Eun Kim Aaron McGruder & Rodney Barnes December 11, 2005 107
Bary Lenny is given a contract by Crimehead and some radioactive knuckles to enter the fighting tournament as a subsitute for wrestling. He is partnered up with Knightfire until the final round where they fight after Zane discovers he was the one that stole the knuckles of Truth.
7 7 "Shredder's Calling" Seung Eun Kim Aaron McGruder December 18, 2005 109
George Ferris gets stung by 1000 radioactive bees and turns into Killer Wasp. He then seeks revenge on Zane/Knightfire when he witnessed him stepping on a bee. Zane causes Troy to lose his job.
8 8 "Easter's Surprise" Anthony Bell Aaron McGruder January 8, 2006 105
Doctor Sargott helps Tony Marlow stay permanently as Ghostman and they then work together. Ghostman then gets him to go to jail permanently and Knightfire must stop an enemy he cannot hit before he destorys Alcatraz City.
9 9 "Man-Turtle" Kalvin Lee Aaron McGruder January 15, 2006 110
Zane gets suspened from school and finds a robbery and joins it and then captures the robers. He then meets up with a man named Daredevil. Zane discovers he is blind but helps him get revenge on the Kingpin for what he did to him.
10 10 "Ambush!" Joe Horne Aaron McGruder & Rodney Barnes January 22, 2006 108
A weird piece of goop comes down from earth and Danny finds it. He then raises it until it grows big and captures Danny. Zane must then save him until that plan backfires in the end and Danny must persuade Plasmoid to stop before the police destroys him. Zane agrees to a villain job and obtains the Smite suit.
11 11 "April's Fool Days" Seung Eun Kim Aaron McGruder & Yamara Taylor February 12, 2006 112
Knightfire meets up with Astro, and they become teammates when Astro ties with him in a fight. They then must stop Badger-Man and Pyro-Man as the Sorcerer plans to rid Astro of his powers to make him vulnerable to him.
12 12 "Meet the Jones" Kalvin Lee Aaron McGruder & Yamara Taylor February 19, 2006 113
Local worker Ben becomes Tic-Toc but gets defeated by Knightfire. Ghostman then returns with a dimension ray to try and suck Knightfire into it. Meanwhile, Zane also ruins the last part of a "life" that Troy had.
13 13 "Techno Wiz" Seung Eun Kim Aaron McGruder March 5, 2006 111
Returning from the schoolyard, it gets mutated and grows and soon it seeks revenge on Knightfire/Zane. It then tries to kill him when he least expects it. Meanwhile, Zane struggles to get the Smite suit off. Troy then gets it and turns into Heyfire.
14 14 "Return of the Anti-Turtles" Kalvin Lee Aaron McGruder & Yamara Taylor March 12, 2006 114
Zane thinks about becoming either a hero or a villain until he meets a familiar face. Heyfire then tries to ruin Zane's life and Knightfire's reputation when he knows everything about him and everyone he ever cares about.
15 15 "The Indestructable" Sean Song Aaron McGruder & Rodney Barnes March 19, 2006 115
Crimehead becomes curious about the identity of Knightfire and does some research. Meanwhile, Mentallio finishes his project and plots to turn everybody in Alcatraz City into mindless psychopaths. He then tries to turn Knightfire into one.