Sailor TyphoonEdit

Sailor Typhoon is an animated anime that is created by Emblem64 with co-creator, GMoneyLive.


The show is about young Sailor saving his parents from the clutches of Amneal. Sailor is 11 years old and ventures with his best friend, Jiji. He lives with his grandfather Nael. They meet many friends and foes like Harpoon and Sphynx.

Primary CharactersEdit

  • Sailor Typhoon: He is the main protagonist and the title character of the show. He is 11-12 years old in the first half and becomes 14 in the second half. His best friend is Jiji. The two both have misadventures that lead them into troubles. Sailor is a nice guy at heart and all around. He is easy to fool and is always nice and kind, even with his enemies. His love interest is Harpoon and later girlfriend. His Arch-Enemy is Amneal and his Arch-Rival is Ezmein. Special Weapon: Sailor Pole; Twin Sailor Swords; Sailor Locket. First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Jiji Shouwder: He is 13 years old and is Sailor's best friend. The two ventures everywhere together and no matter what stay best friends. He has a crush on Tara Phim after they meet in a tavern in season one. His Arch-Rival is Nene from Poultergeist Cinnagog. Special Weapon: Shroud Mace. First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Harpoon Moonscone: She is 12 years old and has the shortest fuse of the group besides Neon. She has a crush on Sailor and later becomes his girlfriend. She is shown to dislike Tara at first but later excepts her in the group. She use to work at a restaraunt until Sailor saved her from her boss. Her Arch-Rival is Tara. Special Weapon: Harpoon; Bow Staff. First Appearance: Episode 3.
  • Sphynx Nyram: He is 12-13 years old. He besides Sailor are the most calm and peaceful of the group. He originally was neutral about Sailor because Sailor stood up to the twins. He has a crush on Harpoon until part two to where he grows a crush on a girl called Luna. Special Weapon: Power Rings. First Appearance: Episode 7
  • Tara Phim: She is 12 years old and seems to be the most quiet of the group unless she is arguing with one of the the others (most notiably, Harpoon). She has a crush Jiji and does not admit that until episode 45. They become a couple after season three. Her Arch-Rival is Harpoon. Special Weapon: Pyro Glove. First Appearance: Episode 11
  • Neon: He is 13-14 and thinks he has no purpose in the world. He challenged Sailor in the Salute City Tournament. Sailor taught him that he does have a purpose. He later grows to be a trickster and have a small fuse (rivaled with Harpoon's and Tara's sometimes). He gets Sha as a girlfriend later on. Special Weapon: Psycho Powers. First Appearance: Episode 13
  • Luna Luna: She is 12 years old and is the best friend of Sha. She has a crush on Sphynx and later becomes his girlfriend. She only fights with a Giant Hammer. She is later revealed to be Sailor long lost sister. Special Weapon: Giant Hammer. First Appearance: Episode 18
  • Sha: She is 13 years old and only fights with a Power Ball. She has a crush on Neon and becomes his girlfriend. She is best friends with Luna and hates anything that is not peaceful. Special Weapon: Power Ball. First Appearance: Episode 21

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Nael Typhoon: He is 65 years old and is the grandfather of Sailor. He is the father of both parents (father in law of Marron). He hates Ezmein and Nene. First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Hendle Typhoon: He is 38 years old and Sailor's father. The two use to have a strong bond until he was kindapped for Amneal's secret plan. He was married to Marron and hates Ezmein. First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Marron Typhoon: She is 37 years old and is the mother of Sailor. She is married to Hendle and is the daughter in law of Nael. She seems to like everyone except Amneal. First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Mugi Fokura: He is an 8 year old boy who dreams of being Sailor when he grows up. His parents are not supporting his idea but they do not want to make him feel sad. Mugi ventures with Sailor during the Salute City Tournament Arc to learn how to become him. In the second half, when he is 10-11, he becomes the new hero of Tailwind Town just like Sailor because Sailor lives in Sole City. First Appearance: Episode 12
  • Carbirious: He is the mentor/master of Sailor. He taught Sailor how to hone and master his power of the Sailor Pole. He taught him how to strengthen his willpower and how to get him stronger, and faster. He has an on and off appearance style and appears once in a while for some occasional reason. First Appearance: Episode 7
  • Mike Tycoon: Mike is 10 years old and was originally a foe of Sailor's due to their last name similarities. However, he becomes an ally and the best friend of Mugi. The two then become heroes of Tailwind Town.

Villains (Season one)Edit

  • Amneal: He is the main antagonist of the show and seems to have a grudge on Sailor's family. His Arch-Enemy is Sailor. He is 15 and 16 in part two. He seems to own a cat and holds half of the Sailor Locket. Sailor owns the other half. His goal is to obtain the other half and rule the world by unleashing demons and zombies to create a new age. First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Ezmein: He is 13 years old and hates Sailor and all of his friends. His Arch-Rival is Sailor and second is Jiji. He seems to work with Nene near the end of season one. He has a crush on Harpoon. First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Nene: Nene is 13 years old is the Arch-Rival of Jiji. He also hates Sailor. He has a crush on Tara. He later works with Ezmein during the tournament arc. First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Jobi: He is 15 years old and use to work with Neon during the Salute City Tournament. He is big and buff. He has a crush on Harpoon and tried kidnapping her, only for Sailor to stop him and rescue her. He is killed by one of Amneal's assassins, Inero. First Appearance: Episode 13
  • Inero: He is a highered assassin of Amneal's to kill Sailor. Inero killed Jobi once confronting him. He tried killing Sailor a bunch of times until Sailor fought him on top of a building. He was killed eventualy by the Right half of the Sailor Locket. First Appearance: Episode 15
  • Aefrio: He is another assassin and was trying to kill Sailor. However, he ended up fighting Jiji in the tournament. He was eventually killed by Jiji and tried to blow up with him. Sailor and Sphynx saved Jiji and Jiji won. First Appearance: Episode 15

Movie-Only CharactersEdit

  • Ace: Ace is 10 years old in the first film and is the primary supporting character. He makes his first debut in the first movie and is only seen in the movies. Ace originally despised working with Sailor until they grew a trustful bond between one another, by saving one another from the Mech-Robo Monkeys. First Appearance: Attack of the Mecha-Robo Monkeys!
  • Son Goku: Goku is seen in the show, however, in the movies he is non-canon to the real series. He os a good friend of Sailor's and they seem to have a best friend bond. Sailor virtually is a mixture of Luffy, Naruto and Goku put together. Goku seems to treat Sailor with more repsect than he treats himself. Goku and Sailor both usually have the combination attacks. First Appearance: Crossover Universe: Fatality's Demise.
  • Naruto Uzumaki: Naruto is another of Sailor's friends. They seem to have a brother bond and can joke around a lot together. However, Sailor Moon or Luffy can get easily annoyed of that at times. Naruto rarely ever gets mad at Sailor and only does when Sailor forgets to do something for him. First Appearance: Crossover Universe: Fatality's Demise.
  • Monkey D. Luffy: Luffy and Sailor are great friends and seems to have a brotherly/good friendship bond. Luffy gets annoyed of Sailor the quickest but seems to value Sailor more than anybody on the team. Luffy and Sailor usually tagteam when Sailor is trying to get to an upper level that he cannot reach. First Appearance: Crossover Universe: Fatality's Demise.
  • Sailor Moon: Since Sailor Moon is non-canon to the actual series, this makes all the Sailor Typhoon characters (except Sailor and Ace) not exist in the four movies she appears in. In the crossovers, Sailor Moon is Sailor's love interest and she seems to take a great liking to him as well. She get get pretty angry at him on occasions but seems to heal after he saves her or somebody. They kiss in the end of the second Crossover film. She later on in the third Crossover film becomes his non-canon series girlfriend. First Appearance: Crossover Universe: Fatality's Demise.

Secondary Villains (Season one)Edit

  • Tal: Tal is Harpoon's boss. He is extremely mad at everyone. He confronts Harpoon a lot. He later fights Sailor when Sailor confronts him about his behavior towards Harpoon. He fought Sailor and lost. He becomes one of Sailor's greatest enemies. He later returns in Episode 6, and 9. First Appearance: Episode 3
  • Scypher Twins: The twins are the guardians of Sphynx and seems to treat him like dirt. They were confronted by Sailor who swore to make them pay. After losing to the twins before, he gets trained and acquires the proper training for the Sailor Pole. They were defeated. They later joined the tournament in hopes of defeating Sailor. First Appearance: Episode 7
  • Leotard: She is Tara's older sister and already hates Sailor and his friends. After being tricked and captured, Harpoon was forced to fight her. She eventually beat Leotard and Leotard became an ally of there's. First Appearance: Episode 11
  • Gonzalea: He was another friend of Neon's. He seemed to like both Tara and Harpoon. He hated Sphynx and Jiji. He was trying to kill Sphynx at night once to get the girls until he confronts him and kills him. First Appearance: Episode 14
  • General White: He is the captain of the Salute City ship and despises Sailor for thinking he is a real sailor. He fights Sailor to see if they will board the boat to go to the city. He loses and seeks revenge. He fights Sailor in the tournament and still loses. He returns in season two as a main enemy. First Appearance: Episode 12

Villains (Season Two)Edit

  • Amneal
  • Tal
  • General White
  • Emerl Bros
  • Lt. Spike
  • Captain Blood

Secondary Villains (Season Two)Edit

  • Ezmein
  • Nene
  • Mike Tycoon
  • Amneal Robot
  • Scypher Twins

Sailor InteractionsEdit

Jiji ShouwderEdit

Jiji and Sailor are best friends. However, their age difference is by 2 years, as Jiji is 13 and Sailor is 11. The two seemed to be friends since the age of 8 and 10. They would venture together on just about anything and try to discover new things everyday. They would have many picnics with Sailor's grnadfather, Nael and he would tell stories of their past. Jiji supports Sailor all the way like against Ezmein or against the Scypher Twins. The two seem to take the same interest in just about anything as well. Jiji along with everyone else supported Sailor during his showdown with Neon. The two take pleasure and proving General White wrong as General White always wants to dispose of them (mostly Sailor). In part two (Season 6), Sailor is 14 and Jiji is 15. The two remain as best friends and still do the things that they 2-3 years ago. They live in Sole City where they share a bunk. By the end of the series, they remain as best friends and they live with one another along with their other friends.

Harpoon MoonsconeEdit

Harpoon started out as a waiter who Sailor stood up for. He fought her boss for her freedom and won. Sailor sees Harpoon as his loe interest and vice versa for Harpoon. She usually is frirendly towards him, especially in major fights Sailor is in. However, whenever he jokes around she can be very cold and evil. She has not been in as many fights as him but she gets more fights in season two and three where she plays more of a role than before. In part two, they have grown to be better friends and soon enough, they become a couple. By then end of the series, they live with the other heroes happily ever after.

Sphynx NyramEdit

Sphynx started out liking Sailor's confidence and never give up attitude when facing the Scypher Twins. After beating them, he joins team Tailwind and decides to gets stronger with them. He has a somewhat brotherly bond with Sailor, despite him interacting with Jiji more. The two have on rare occasions argued over Harpoon until they put that aside. They seem to work well together like when facing the Scypher Twins the second time. In part two, Sphynx gets the role of a big brother to Sailor and seems to look out for Sailor and his actions on several occasions. The two seems to like everything the other likes. By the end of the series, both are great friends and live with one another.

Tara PhimEdit

Tara takes the role as little sister with Sailor (despite her being older). He seems to protect her with his life. However, he does make Jiji jealous when Jiji fails to save her. However, they do not have crushes for another and they like one another as friends. Sailor is quick to defend her whenever an opponent insults her. However, he seems oblivious to when she is mad at him. However, she is almost never mad at him because he has saved her countless times. In part two, they keep this bond they already have and Tara becomes less quiet and independent. By the end of the series, they live with one another.


Originally a foe/enemy of Sailor's, Neon's goal was to defeat Sailor in the Salute City Tournament (not caring if he died or not). He said that he lived to become the strongest and that if he defeated Sailor, he would be the strongest in the world. He doubted Sailor and kept a close eye on him. They fought one another in the final round of the tournament. Sailor managed to beat Neon, changing his input on the world. Before beating Neon, Neon considered Sailor as his greatest rival and was Sailor's own personal antagonist. He was the antagonist of the first season but that quickly changed once beaten by Sailor. He joined team Tailwind after Sailor changes his thoughts on the world and making him realize he has a purpose in the world. Neon became a great friend of Sailor but still considered him as a rival. After that, they are great friends and holds a strong friendly rivalry. In Part two, they grow closer and their rivalry lessens but is still strong. By the end of the series, they live with one another and Neon has revealed to have taught him psycho powers.


Sailor TyphoonEdit

Sailor Raíz Typhoon is the main protagonist of the anime-manga show, Sailor Tyhpoon. He was first introduced in the first movie of the show, Sailor Typhoon in: Attack of the Mecha-Robo Monkeys. He was a young 7-year old who was living with his mother, father and grandfather. He was at first attacked by them by the evil overlord, Amneal. He was then helped with a neighborhood friend, Ace. The two took down the Mecha-Robo Monkeys. He then comes and lives in a faroff town called Tailwind Town where he lives with his Grandpa and his parents but his parents gets kidnapped when a mysterious villain predicts that Sailor will be the one with the key to beating him. 4 year later and he is 11 years old and has a best friend, Jiji Shouwder 13 year old. They then go on daring adventures man times and seems to value each other equally. They later meet Sailor's main rival, Ezmein. Sailor and Ezmein fights one another in a never ending battle that does not end until episode 3. However, they were forced to work together when they and Jiji were pitted against a giant shark. They saved Tailwind Town and went back to their original ways. The two then later on goes on to finding their female friend, Harpoon at a restaraunt. From there, Sailor gets into a scuffle with her boss, Tal because he was harming Harpoon. He challenged Tal in a fight and the two seemed equally matched until Sailor starts to take over the fight and beats Tal. Harpoon then has a change of attitude towards her boss and quits her job. She, Sailor and Jiji then makes a team and calls it Team Tailwind. They then go traveling around the town. Later on, Sailor and Harpoon tries to help Jiji with his problem with fighting Nene and eventually defeats him. Later on, Sailor is faced against his two biggest rivals, Tal and Ezmein who has returned for revenge. He fights them around and eventually wins after making them both go against each other. He then later makes an appearance in the second movie where upon already recieving the prophecy items, Sailor, Jiji and Harpoon all fight a creation of Amneal's, Havoc. They are aided by Ace and so Ace plans to help stop Havoc. However, Sailor is left to defend and save them when Havoc eats them and Sailor eventually saves them.

Fights Won (Season One)Edit

  • Sailor vs. Ezmein
  • Sailor vs. Ezmein (2)
  • Sailor & Jiji vs. Giant Shark
  • Sailor vs. Tal
  • Sailor vs. Ezmein (3)
  • Jiji vs. Nene
  • Jiji vs. Nene (2)
  • Sailor vs. Ezmein & Tal
  • Sailor vs. Scypher Twins (2)
  • Sailor & Sphynx vs. Scypher Twins
  • Sailor vs. Tal (2)
  • Sailor vs. Mysterious Man
  • Harpoon vs. Leotard
  • Sailor vs. General White
  • Sailor vs. Jobi
  • Sphynx vs. Gonzalea
  • Sailor vs. Ezmein (4)
  • Jiji vs. Aefrio
  • Sphynx vs. Rio
  • Mugi vs. Gan
  • Sailor vs. Inero
  • Sailor vs. General White (2)
  • Sailor vs. Scypher Twins (3)
  • Sailor vs. Sphynx
  • Sailor vs. Jiji

Fights Won (Season Two)Edit

  • Sailor vs. Neon
  • Sailor & Tara & Neon vs. Killer Machine
  • Neon vs. Citizens
  • Sailor vs. Ezmein & Nene
  • Luna & Sha vs. Captain Blood
  • Sailor & Luna & Sha vs. General White
  • Jiji & Harpoon & Sphynx & Neon vs. Emerl Bros

Fights Lose (Season Two)Edit

  • Neon vs. General White

Fights Lose (Season One)Edit

  • Sailor vs. Scypher Twins
  • Sailor & Jiji & Sphynx vs. Leotard
  • Luna vs. General White
  • Mugi vs. Neon

List of MovesEdit

Sailor TyphoonEdit

  • Counterattack
  • Typhoon Kick
  • Dynamic Uppercut
  • Penetrate Burst
  • Cyclone Burst
  • Hamayo Thunder
  • Spirit Buster
  • Extraterrestrial Comet
  • Transect Momento

Jiji ShouwderEdit

  • Shrouder Punch
  • Furior Pundant
  • Fire Dynamo

Harpoon MoonsconeEdit

  • Harpoon Shooter Ray
  • Electro-Arrow

Sphynx NyramEdit

  • Void Perimeter
  • Bermuda Cyclone
  • Bermuda Trapzone
  • Photon Void Chamber

Tara PhimEdit

  • Lasso Fire
  • Flash Furior
  • Comequian Sphere


  • Mental Physique
  • Psycho Barrier
  • Psycho Cut
  • Oblivio-Mania
  • Astro-Felix
  • Transect Momento

Luna LunaEdit

  • Thunder-Fire
  • Cosmic Flare


  • Cross-Bow

Rivals & FoesEdit

Sailor TyphoonEdit

  • Ezmein
  • Nene
  • Tal
  • Scypher Twins
  • General White
  • Jiji
  • Neon
  • Mike Tycoon
  • Commander Yellow
  • Houdweeni


This is a list of movies over the course of the series.

  • Movie #1: Attack of the Robo-Mecha Monkeys!: 7 years-old Sailor and his family along with all of Rogue Park are being attacked by mecha-robo Monkeys. Sailor (now living in Tailwind Town) must stop the mecha-robo monkeys from destroying Tailwind Town before there's nothing left of it. He gets some help from a boy named Ace. (This movie aired before the series begun, explaining how Sailor and his family arrived in Tailwind Town).
  • Movie #2: The Chaos of Havoc: 11 Year-old Sailor Tyhpoon along with his best friend Jiji Shouwder and Harpoon Moonscone to stop Amneal's creation (a giant whale 5%, shark 12%, pig 20%, gorilla 63%), Havoc. Amneal creates Havoc to defeat and devour Sailor Typhoon and retrieve the other half of the Sailor Locket. Sailor must stop Havoc with only his Sailor Pole to help him out. (This movie aired sometime after he Sailor becomes the chosen one and before they met Sphynx).
  • Movie #3: The World's Toughest: Sailor, Jiji, Harpoon, Sphynx, Luna, Sha, and Neon all encounter a new enemy. This enemy is working the person of Amneal. His name is Dr. Nefario and he long lives the body of Sailor Typhoon so he can possess the Sailor Locket, as he is just a large brain with wires in a robot suit. Sailor and his friends must then stop him, however, Sailor is soon the only one left to triumph against Dr. Nefario. (This movie aired after season one was finished).
  • Movie #4 The Fruit of Helix: Sailor and co. are all invaded by Nyramus and his galactic gang. They then plant seeds of a fruit that will exterminate the earth like a bomb in 5 hours. Sailor's friends are ultimately defeated by Nyramus' men except Neon who is tied. Nyramus then defeats Neon quickly with two punches. Sailor then must take on Nyramus after making quick work on his men. Sailor must defeat Nyramus in the last final hour before the whole earth is destroyed. (This movie aired sometime before the Notorious Army Arc).
  • Movie #5: Lord Dune: Sailor, Sphynx, and Tara are all encountered by an unknown force. The force captures their friends and they are left to defend for themselves. However, Tara and Sphynx gets defeated by the leader after defeating the minions. Sailor then engages battle with Lord Dune (his appearance is similar to that of Ezmein and Neon). Sailor then has to kill Lord Dune before his army sends the earth into an inferno-freeze lot. (This movie aired before the seventh season).
  • Movie #6: General Black's Revenge: After some sparring and beating General White, a mysterious person arrives from across the shores into Tailwind Town. he reveals himself to be the older brother of General White, General Black. He then says he is here to slain Sailor Typhoon for ruining his family honor. After searching for him and defeating almost all of his friends, Sailor and Harpoon comes out of hiding. Sailor confronts General Black with Jiji and the two fight him. However, Jiji is made quick work of and Sailor must defend Tailwind Town from a menace that could destroy mankind. (This movie aired sometime before the end of season nine). P.S. Sailor acquires Super Hamayo Form.
  • Movie #7: Bio-Mecha Black's Return: Sailor, Harpoon, Jiji, and Tara are asked for to go to Cape Canal. When there, they are fighting clones of Killer Machines and then they encounter a Bio-Mecha General Black. Black then says he survived from being hit from the sun when an asteroid knocked him to a comet that headed to earth. Bio-Mecha Black then seeks revenge on Sailor and tries to send him to the sun. Sailor and Jiji fights him but to no prevail. Sailor then has to use his newly Super Hamayo to triumph against Bio-Mecha Black and hurl him to the sun again before he is first. (This movie aired before the tenth season started).
  • Movie #8: The Legendary Super Soldier: Sailor and his friends (+ Ace) go to a far-off Giant Island called Nowhere Lands. There, they encounter a man named Pegasus and his son named Bronami. Bronami then fights Sailor after remembering him in pre-K when they were at recess. Pegasus then barely calms him down. However overnight, Pegasus plans to exterminate this island to kill his son. Sailor and his friends then has a final battle with him as he was the prophecy of the Legendary Super Soldier that only lived 1 in a generation. Leading up to, Sailor and his final grudge match against Bronami to settle it all. (This movie aired after the fifteenth season was made).
  • Movie #9: The Super Soldier's Revenge: Jiji, Tara, Luna, and Sha were playing in the Jetplane until they lose gas and land on "Super Soldier Island." They then encounter Bronami as Bronami looks for Sailor. Harpoon, Neon, Sphynx, and Sailor all goes around the Caveral Islands to find their friends. They eventually finds them and fights Bronami as well. Bronami goes into his Super Soldier form to combat Sailor's Super Hamayo power (gifted from his Sailor Locket). Sailor is losing until he learns the Sailor Locket generates energy for him. He then absorbs a 350,680,900 billionth of the Sailor Locket and uses that to destroy Bronami for good. (This movie aired in the middle of the ninteenth season).
  • Movie #10: Curse of Doom: Amneal poisons Nael and tells him that he will give him the cure if he gets the Sailor Locket from his grandson. Nael refuses and so Sailor and Mugi has to set out to retrieve it from Amneal. This leads up to a confrontation of the two halves of the Sailor Locket. (This movie aired right before the season premiere of the twenty-second season).
  • Movie #11: The Return of the Havoc!: Sailor goes on a fishing trip with Jiji, Sphynx, Mugi, Mike and Ace. They all then see a vortex and then they find Havoc is back and badder than ever. Havoc then captures all of them except Sailor, Mugi, Mike, and Ace. Ace then mentions that he remembers Havoc. Havoc then calls upon the Mecha-Robo Monkeys and Sailor and Ace both gets shocked. Now, Sailor and his other background friends has to save Sphynx, Neon, and Jiji by fighting up against some of his greatest movie villains of all time. (This movie aired after the twenty-fourth season).
  • Movie #12: Sailor's Dis-adventure: Sailor and Jiji has their last few words before both Jiji and the island explodes in two. Sailor then is out in the water and is saved by a foreigner. Sailor then winds up in Insane Town (Russia City), Russia. However, Sailor's friends are also looking for him with the help of Mugi, Ace, and Sailor's family. Finally, they find each other back in Tailwind Town and they encounter all of their movie villains. The soul of Jiji then fused with Sailor's Raikougar and Sailor's own soul. Sailor then opened his demon and went into Super Hamayo. The veil of his demon was Jiji and the two along with everyone else prepares to fight them. Eventually after winning, Sailor and his friends head back to Sole City but the last scene is at the docks where everyone is celebrating and Sailor reminds them that jiji is still with them as he fused with Jiji's soul. Sailor and Harpoon then shares a kiss and everyone is happy and smiling as the series ends.

Cross-over MoviesEdit

These list of movies are non-canon to the series and movies of the series. However, it is apart of the series.

  • Special Movie #1: Crossover Universe: Fatality's Demise: Sailor enters a mini keep going fight until Goku arrives. Goku then takes Sailor to where Naruto, Luffy, and Sailor Moon are. They all then greet each other until a villain called Mastermind comes and threatens to destroy Tailwind Town. The heroes then decides to thawrt his plans and save Sailor's hometown before Mastermind takes it over. Luffy expresses himself as the Pirate King (owning the One Piece). (This Crossover film aired after movie 11).
  • Special Movie #2: Crossover Universe: Two Sailor's Dream: Sailor gets bored of playing alone and plays with Ace. Ace then trains with him until he goes with his parents to Salute City and prmoises to return. Sailor then goes to Rumble Island and finds Naruto and Luffy playing tag. Goku is then training by the water and Sailor Moon is sitting alone. Sailor then joins Sailor Moon and the two blush at one another. A magical person named Palroy comes and captures Sailor Moon to be his bride. The others then has to save her. They travel to Unicorn Valley and must stop Palroy before Sailor Moon is his bride and she is doomed to stay with him for eternity. (This Crossover film aired before the 12 movie).
  • Special Movie #3: Crossover Universe: The Planet Trade Organization's Revenge: Goku explains to Sailor, Luffy, Sailor Moon, Naruto, and Ace that a monster named Frieza once terrorized his world. He then explained that later on he had to fight up against his older brother Cooler. Two ships then land on the Ruins and they all rush to it. Frieza and Cooler then appears out of it with their father, King Cole. They all then seek revenge on Goku. The heroes are all being hunted down by the family until they all hide in the same place and Goku and Sailor both fight Frieza and Cooler together. Naruto, Luffy, and Sailor Moon all fight King Cole together and ultimately kills them, saving the world once again. (This Crossover film aired sometime after the last Crossover film).
  • Special Movie #4: Crossover Universe: Jinjurriki Terror: Naruto gets tortured by the Nine-Tailed Fox so the other heroes decides to venture inside him (Naruto comes along as well) to stop the Nine-Tailed Fox. They all then fights it around Naruto's Subconscience mind. Ultimately, they are defeated and they decide to work as one whole person (team) and they all eventually defeat the Nine-Tailed Fox by combining all of their strongest attacks to repel the Demon's Mouth Blast. Naruto is then safe and they all eventually just sit talking under the stars. Sailor kisses Sailor Moon again and that concludes the Crossover films. (This Crossover film aired 3 years after the series was complete).

Spin-off SeriesEdit

  • Crossover Universe: This show stars the characters from the Crossover Universe movie films. This show was put on Terrible Toons' counterpart channel, Toonatown. This show's protagonist was Sailor Typhoon and there were 52 episodes of the show. Sailor's girlfriend remains as Sailor Moon.
  • Urban: This is the Sequel to the on-going series, Sailor Typhoon. As Jiji died from the explosion on the Vanishing Island. Jiji and Sailor's soul (along with the Sailor Locket) was fused and so Jiji and Sailor are now one. It has been two years and Zane decides to join team Tailwind as they go on brand new adventures across the seas. However, Sailor has a new crew: Sailor Typhoon, Mugi Fokura, Neon, Zane. Tara, Sha, Luna and Harpoon are all in their own team called, Female Fatals. Sphynx also joins the Scypher Twins in their brand new dojo where they are all the best. Tal, Ezmein, Nene are all shop keepers and helps with items. General White just helps out once in a while. The main antagonist is the Voodoo.


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Season One: Secret of the Locket ArcEdit

Episode 1: PilotEdit

Sailor Typhoon is playing with his parents one day and his grandfather Nael comes over. They all then has a picnic. A shadow then casts over the sky and a flash happens. Four years later, Sailor is living with his grandfather, Nael and his best friend Jiji comes over and they decide to have a picnic. They then enjoy the picnic and Nael tells the true story of what happened on the same day as today; March 11: 2007. He then tells the whereabouts of where a mysterious person named Amneal has them. The two then brings Nael inside to some television and left to venture to the Canal. There, they meet Ezmein and Ezmein makes fun of them. He then pushes Jiji down. Sailor gets angry and challenges Ezmein.

The villagers then accepts and everyone of Tailwind Town comes to watch the fight. Ezmein is beating on Sailor until Sailor trips him and then throws him to a streetpost to where he kicks him in the face. Ezmein then tricks him and punches him in the water. Sailor then gets up. Ezmein then insults Sailor's sailor outfit and Sailor does his Counterattack and defeats Ezmein. Ezmein then swears revenge on Sailor and Sailor and Jiji both then go to an inside tavern.

They then eat as Ezmein comes in and throws their plates away. Jiji then is about to attack him until Sailor decides to handle this. They fight in the tavern until Sailor kicks him out of the place. He then fights him all around the Canal and near the docks. Sailor then trips him and uses his Counterattack. Ezmein then reverses the last part of the attack and Sailor looks defeated. Sailor then gets thrashed until Sailor uses his Typhoon Kick and defeats him. The two then heads to his house for some food.

Episode 2: Tailwind Town TerrorEdit

Sailor and Jiji are listening to Nael's stories while is is raining at 6:00 pm. Nael then goes to bed and the two watches some television. They watch Naruto, then Dragon Ball Z, and then One Piece. Jiji then wants to go to the market to get some food before it gets completely dark out. Sailor then agrees and the two goes. They then chow down on some bread they buy and then ventures through a tunnel to where they enter a temple. They realize it was the Temple of Tailwind.

They then read the inscriptions and reads that a chosen one will be the one to wield the power of the Sailor Sword. They then learn about the Terror of Tailwind Town. They then go to the docks and a giant Freak Wave is about to hit the town, whipping it out. Ezmein then shows up and gloats to them. He then pushes Sailor into the water. He then leaves. Jiji then beats Ezmein up and forces him to work with him. They then manage to get on a boat. The villagers then watches them try to stop the Freak Wave. Nael then goes out and is terrified. Ezmein then double crosses Jiji but has no place to run. The two then get blown off ship. A surfboard is then seen in the distance and Sailor saves them both. He then spirals around the wave so fast and wide that he orbits it into a different direction.

However, the Freak Wave gets split up and hits the docks, knocking the three underwater. There, they saw a giant shark who tries to attack them but Sailor uses his Typhoon Kick and saves them. Ezmein then reaches the docks and goes back home, screaming and running. Jiji and Sailor both then fights the shark. Jiji uses his Shrouder Punch. The shark then bites Sailor and then is about to eat him until Jiji holds him off until Sailor uses his Counterattack and it sinks to the bottom of the water. The sun then comes out and evaporates the wave. Nael and the villagers then thanks them and the three go to the boats to hangout.

Episode 3: Siren HarpoonEdit

Jiji is burping until Nael tells him to stop and Sailor comes outside. They then go out and Jiji bumps into a mysterious kid. He reveals himself to be Nene. Jiji and Nene then exchange glares and then the fight. They fight on rooftops and Jiji wins when he tricks Nene and dropkicks him down to the ground. Nene then swears revenge on him and reveals he was watching the fight with Sailor and Ezmein (flashback). They then go to the tavern and a waiter named Harpoon takes their orders. Sailor then gets infatuated by her and Jiji mocks him about it. She is then being yelled by her boss.

They then eat but Sailor gives Jiji his food so he can stay while he goes out to do something. Sailor goes to his grandfather and makes a team called Tailwind. He then announces to Jiji that they are team Tailwind. Jiji agrees and the two tries to convince Harpoon to join. She then declines the offer and the two finish their food. Harpoon then gets yelled at again and this time, Sailor stands up for her. He then confronts the boss named Tal. The two argue for a while until Tal tries to grab him. Sailor then kicks him to the ground. The two then fights one another. Sailor seems to be winning until Tal grabs him and uses his roundhouse kick. He then throws him to a table. Sailor then kicks a table to him and Tal breaks it.

Tal then tries to throw tables at him but misses. Sailor then does his Typhoon Kick on him and he falls out the window. Sailor then uppercuts him with his Dynamic Uppercut. He then finishes him off with his Counterattack. Tal then gives up and the ambulence takes him away and Jiji lies for him. Harpoon then gets angry until Sailor and Jiji convinces her that with her on their team, she would not have to worry about being fired. She then decides to join after a moment of hesitation. She then joins and gets her Bow Staff. She then hands Jiji a Shroud Mace and Sailor declines the offer for a weapon and decides to wait for his time as the chosen one.

Episode 4: Lord of SailorsEdit

The trio go to an inn and then wakes up and seems to be in a subconscience world. Sailor then wakes them up and they go outside. They then hear an auction and says that a mysterious Sailor Locket and Sailor Pole will levitate to the chosen one. Ezmein then sneaks into the crowd and announces to everyone he is the chosen one. Jiji then doubts him and Ezmein falls in love with Harpoon. Harpoon then hopes Sailor gets the sword and the locket. Ezmein then pushes Sailor and flirts with Harpoon. Jiji then throws him to a different place. He then thinks the items are going to him until the items fall into Sailor's hands. He then wields the locket and ties it to his neck and ties the Sailor Pole to his neck.

The trio then go to Nael and tells him the news. He is then surprised tells the ancient story of all of it. They all then hangout at the docks until Ezmein reigns on their parade. He then challenges Sailor to another fight. Sailor then uses his Sailor Pole against Ezmein's Pirate Sword. The teo are tied until Sailor puts his sword away and fights with his bare hands.

He then uses his Counterattack and defeats Ezmein. Jiji and Harpoon then makes fun of him and they say they will meet Sailor in front of the market area. He then is about to go until he gets cut by Ezmein. Ezmein then tries to cut his arm off until Sailor uses the full power of his Sailor Pole and breaks to sword in two. Ezmein then runs away crying. The three then meets up and decides to train Harpoon. Jiji and Harpoon fight one another until they end as a tie. They then use their weapons and Jiji wins when he punces on her when uses his Shroud Mace to go on her. She then admits defeat and gets him off using her Harpoon. Sailor then laughs and the three enjoys the sunshine.

Episode 5: My Funny JijiEdit

Jiji is sleeping until Sailor plays a prank on him and Jiji then goes to the docks to wash up. Harpoon then takes Sailor to the markets to get some Marrow Meat on Toasted Mineral Bread. Jiji then washes his face and looks at his reflections until he sees Nene in his reflection. He then kicks Nene and Nene gets up and mocks Jiji. Right before the two are about to fight, Sailor and Harpoon stops them and Harpoon kicks Nene away. Jiji then goes back to bed Sailor gives him his lunch.

Jiji eats it and the three then explores the town. They all then fall into a ditch to where Nene prepares to bury them. Jiji escapes it and kicks him to an inn. He then gets up and throws Jiji on top of a building. he then starts putting dirt on them. Jiji then jumps down and then kicks him and then does a combo to him. Nene quickly dodges the attack and punches Jiji to the docks. Jiji then uses his Shroud Mace and slaps him with it. He then kicks Nene and then punches him to a tree. Nene then humiliates Jiji and Jiji does it back. Harpoon then plans to shoot Nene with an arrow. She then shoots and Sailor saves Jiji from getting hit. Nene gets hit in the arm and then the hit stings and he runs away.

The villagers seemed to have not noticed. The trio then arrive at Sailor's house and Sailor tells the story to Harpoon. They all then watch the television to past the time until Nael comes in with some groceries he bought with his Beetos. He then feeds them and Jiji reads a novel that involves three kids and one that is the chosen one. The three then fall asleep watching television.

Episode 6: The Will of SailorEdit

Sailor sneaks out to gaze up at the stars and Harpoon notices he is gone. She then jumps on the roof and finds him. They both then sit with one another gawking at the stars. Jiji then wakes up and starts watching television. He then goes on the rooftop right before Harpoon and Sailor were going to share a special moment. They all then sleeps under the stars. When it hits morning, they all go to the docks and washes their faces. Sailor then uses his Sailor Pole and jumps over two buildings. Harpoon and Jiji then catches up to him only for Sailor to walk into an ally. There, he is trapped by Tal and Ezmein.

The two then mock Sailor and say they are going to break every bone in his body. Ezmein then goes to attack him but Sailor dodges with his pole and then uses his pole to hit him. He then uses his pole to jump over the fence. He then kicks Ezmein and he is defeated. Tal then breaks the fence and chases Sailor. Jiji and Harpoon then fight him to try and slow him down. He then throws them both into the water. He then traps Sailor. Sailor then uses his Sailor Pole against his Demon Sword. the two go back and forth and the whole town are watching them. Soon, Harpoon and Jiji are watching as well. Sailor then breaks his sword in half and then beats Tal up with his Sailor Pole. He then uses his Counterattack and hits Tal into a storage van. Tal breaks out of it and uses his pistol to try and kill Sailor.

The villagers then runs back into their homes and Harpoon and Jiji hides around the corner. Sailor then uses his Sailor Pole and makes Tal woozy, he then finishes him off with his Dynamic Uppercut. Tal then escapes into a submarine and the trio watches him as he escapes.

Season One: Journey to Salute City ArcEdit

Episode 7: Twins Attack!Edit

The trio are gazing at the different markets. They then stumble upon a dojo. They then walk into it and see a boy. He then reveals his name to be Sphynx but then the twins then told him to shut up. The trio then gets mad and the twins then insults both Sphynx and the trio. Sailor then talks back to them. They then get mad and challenges him to a fight. He then prepares to fight them and attacks them. He then finds himself in a peril. The twins then double team him and Harpoon points out that that is unfair.

They then say that they always fight as a team. Sailor then manages to hit them both with his Sailor Pole. They then pull out their Sailor Swords and fights him. Jiji tries to stop them from killing him but Sphynx says that nobody is allowed to step in. Jiji and Harpoon then gets mad and soon Sailor and his Sailor suit is covered in crimson blood. He then tries to fight them with his Sailor Pole until they point out that he does not have a strong bond with his pole so he cannot defeat them. They then blow him down. Jiji and Harpoon then helps him up and takes him home. Sphynx fromns as the twins get cocky and mocks the trio for their "insect like" efforts. Nael then heals Sailor and Sailor gets up and vows to defeat the Scypher Twins. Jiji and Harpoon then wonders how, Sailor then says he is going to find a mentor.

He searches the town but cannot find a single person. He then trains with his friends at the docks until a man comes. He then says his name is Cabirious and says he will teach Sailor to hone his willpower, skills with the Sailor Pole, and strengthen his speed, power, endurance, agility and more. Jiji and Harpoon watch him until they get bored and go fishing. Sailor's mentor then admits the last person to master this took them 3 years. Sailor then works hard and starts training around the city. Meanwhile, Sphynx is scrubbing the floors of the dojo as the twins whip him. After 3 days, Cabirious and Sailor fight one another and Sailor easily beats him with his acquired new techniques. The trio then goes to the dojo and thanks the man as he goes fishing the old fashioned way. They make it to the dojo and Sailor challenges them again. The Scypher Twins mock him and then wagers their Twin Sailor Swords for his Sailor Pole.

He accepts and Jiji and Harpoon gets scared. They then try to talk him out of it. He declines the offer and fights them head on. The three are tied until Sailor takes lead of the fight and decides to use his Sailor Pole against their swords. He then pummels them. He then gets tripped and starts getting thrashed. They then use their twin powers and pummels him. He then gets up and the twins mock him about not quitting. Sailor then says he will never give up and he then uses all the new powers he has learned and used his Penetrate Burst on them. He then finishes them with his Sailor Pole and uses his Dynamic Uppercut. They then give him the Twin Sailor Swords and he ties them to his back as well. Sphynx then decides to join them and the four walk to the docks and fishes with Sailor's mentor as the Scypher Twins plot revenge.

Episode 8: Sphynx's HistoryEdit

As Sailor keeps talking about beating the twins, Sphynx tells him that the twins were tough, but not the strongest out there. He then stops and explains that Amneal is the strongest. Sphynx then gets told the story and then Sphynx reveals his past. He said that his hometown was ruled by two twin demons that were stronger than anybody that challenged them. They defeated the toughest of the tough. They then went to different towns to beat different types of people.

They finally came to Tailwind Town to await an opponent. They beat Sailor and were planning on going to Salute City to beat their next victim until... Sailor returned and beat them head on. Sphynx then said that the two probably seek revenge on Sailor as the only person to ever beat them was a man named Cabirious. The other three then gets surprised and Harpoon asks Sphynx to tell his story. Sphynx said that he was destined as the "child" of the Schypher Twins because each person born in his clan have a fate with two twins. However, he was stuck with the worse ones and the strongest ones. He then explained he had to do all the labor work while they hungout. He then said after Sailor cleansed his world by beating them, he is ready to give it a try himself. The Scypher Twins then stand in front of the heroes right before they arrive at the docks. They then mock them and call a rematch on Sailor.

Sphynx steps in and decides to fight... Sailor decides to fight with him in a two-on-two fight. They go and the Scypher Twins take the lead of the fight when beating Sphynx to their advantage. Sailor then kicks them off of him. Sphynx then gets helped up and Sailor and Sphynx gets pounded down a few times. They then get up and work as one, but that fails and the Scypher Twins uses their special attack, knocking them to a boat. They get up and Sailor combines his Counterattack with Sphynx's Void Perimeter and the Scypher Twins are sent flying. Sailor then finishes them with his Penetrate Burst. They then admit defeat and vow revenge on Sailor and say they will get Sphynx after him. Harpoon then compliments their teamwork and then hands them a flyer of the Salute City Tournament. Sphynx, Sailor and Jiji gets excited and decides they will join. They then realize they have to train hard if they hope to get stronger. They all then go to an inn and gets a good sleep.

Episode 9: Sailor's MetamorphosisEdit

They wake up from the inn and then goes to the docks and starts to train. Jiji trains with Harpoon and Sailor trains with Sphynx. Harpoon uses her Harpoon Shooter Ray and knocks Jiji into the water. Harpoon helps him up and the two watch Sailor and Sphynx fight. Sailor uses his Counterattack and combats Sphynx's Bermuda Cyclone attack. They both then get wiped but Sailor finishes him off with a Dynamic Uppercut. Sailor then holds up his Sailor Locket and says he might need to train it as well as the Sailor Pole and Twin Sailor Swords. They all then agree to help him and Harpoon starts first. She teaches him to fight with the Twin Sailor Swords. She uses her Harpoon to counter it. After a day, he goes on training his Sailor Pole with Jiji. Then later he trains his Sailor Locket with Sphynx and Cabirious.

They teach him to harness the power of half the Sailor Locket. Meanwhile, Amneal is searching for the other half of the Locket and finds it in Sailor's possession. He then says that he was right when he thought Sailor would wield the power of the other half of the Sailor Locket. He then highers some assassins to plan to kill him and take the locket when he arrives in Salute City to join the tournament. Sailor then fights Harpoon, then Jiji, then Cabirious, and then Sphynx. He successfully beats them and then trains some more near the water. A big man then shows up and blows everyone but Sailor into the water. Sailor then realizes that it is Tal. Tal then tries to hit sailor but Sailor dodges it and does his Typhoon Kick in the water to create a wave and hits it to Tal. Tal blocks it and then tries to hit him with his scythe knife.

Sailor dodges all the attack and then uses his Sailor Pole to hit him in the face and then uses his Twin Sailor Swords to cut him. He then kicks Tal in the stomach and then finishes him by using his Counterattack. Tal lands on a bench and gives up. Sailor then helps him up and then tells Tal that instead of trying to get him back, he could become an ally and be good. Tal then tries to throw Sailor but Jiji and Sphynx stops him. Cabirious leaves and promises to return in time to see them leave for Salute City. They all then bid farewell to him and they all go to the docks to see that sacred power is wrapping around Sailor when he is meditating. They all then watch him as he gets tired and falls asleep.

Episode 10: Bonds, Between Friendships!Edit

Sailor wakes up and has a nightmare that Amneal killed his parents and then killed him. He then wakes up and his feet are swaying in the water. He then realizes he slept on the docks. He then sees Harpoon practicing her arrow shots, Spyhnx training his Bermuda attacks, and Jiji eating and then training his Shrouder techniques. Sailor then asks Jiji if they are ready to join the tournament and Jiji says no but says that they have a few day until the ship leaves for Salute City.

Jiji then tells Sailor he has nothing to worry about and Sailor goes to Sphynx and asks him what kind of opponents will they meet their. He then replies that he has no clue but could turn out to be anybody. Harpoon then comes and tells Sailor that he is very strong and that he only lost one fight that he redeemed himself from. Jiji then mocks Harpoon and Harpoon throws him into the water. Sphynx then explains to Sailor that strength and power comes from confidence, belief, and self-defiance. Sailor then said his dad taught him that. A person then tells them that a mysterious person is terrorizing Tailwind Town and that whoever stops him is a hero. They then look at the town and sees it as a mess.

Meanwhile, Amneal demands Marron and Hendle to tell him where can he find Sailor now that he is much older. They do not tell him and then he says that his assassins will kill him. They gasp and then Amneal laughs as he seals Sailor's fate. Sailor and his friends then split up. Jiji and Sphynx went with one another and Harpoon and Sailor wen another way. Sailor is trying to charm Harpoon until he senses a bad spirit in the presence. He then turns around and finds nothing. He then sees a shadow and tells Harpoon to round up Jiji and Sphynx. She goes to get them as Sailor chases a shadow on the rooftops. The villagers then watch in terror as the shadow is coming closer to the ground. It then goes back up on a rooftop and decides to fight Sailor. As Sailor fights it, the others meet up with the villagers and then tells him to pull the cloth off. Sailor then gets pounded down a few times.

He then wonders to himself that if he cannot beat this person, he should not go to Salute City. He then takes the cloth off and uses his Typhoon Kick on him. He then threatens him with his Sailor Pole and the guy reveals to have been working for the Scypher Twins. They all gets shocked and Sailor akes his friends to the dojo. There, they confront the two and they mock them. Sailor then revealed to have beaten him. They all then leave and the Scypher Twins gets mad and swears revenge on him. Harpoon and Jiji then compliment Sailor and Jiji takes him to the inn. Sphynx and Harpoon then meets up with Nael and Nael tells them to tell Sailor that Amneal sent him a message. They take it to him and he gets shocked along with Jiji.

Episode 11: ... In Salute CityEdit

Sailor reads the message and it says, "Sailor Typhoon, you are very skilled and I know that you beat the Scypher Twins. I have your parents and I insist that you hand over your half of the Sailor Locket. I hold the other half. I will kill you if you do not. Say no, and I hope you can live after you make it to Salute City." Jiji then gets scared and starts to spaz out.

Harpoon calms him down and Sailor decides to prepare to pack. He goes to his house and talks to Nael. Nael tells him that it is a journey he is about to embark on. Sailor accepts that and hugs Nael. Then he meets up with his friends and Sphynx tells them to go to the tower. They all then arrive and spy a girl named Tara. Jiji then charms Tara and she blushes. Another girl then comes down and captures Jiji. She then says her name is Leotard and that she is the older sister of Tara. Harpoon then asks Tara to join them. Leotard then says that she is forbidden to join unless she is beaten in battle. Sphynx then says they will most likely win and he and Sailor goes to attack him until they are tricked and then captured. Harpoon then leaves and promises to return. She then goes to the docks and says she has no hope of winning. She then talks to herself in her reflection and then wonders how her friends are doing.

Jiji keeps flirting with Tara and she keeps blushing. Sphynx is looking out at the horizon and Sailor asks Leotard what she got against boys, she then mocks him and then explains that boys ruined her life when she was going to reach the top of the tower and recieve a rose that stands for gratitude, loyalty, kindness and more. She then said that a boy stopped her from achieving that. Harpoon then arrives and kicks her. Harpoon and leotard are then tied until Leotard then takes advantage of the fight. Then, she challenges Harpoon to a race up the tower. Jiji then mocks Harpoon and Harpoon gets angry. Tara then lets Jiji, Spyhnx and Sailor out and Leotard and Harpoon race up the stairs.

Leotard cheats and is about to win until Harpoon shots an arrow and it misses but she jumps on Leotard and wins. Leotard then lets Tara join and Tara compliments Harpoon but then mocks her by saying she could do better. Harpoon and Tara then argues and Leotard thanks Sailor for making her understand. The heroes then learn that the ship for Salute City is preparing to leave soon so they go to the docks.

Season One: Salute City Tournament ArcEdit

Episode 12: The Revenge of the SeaEdit

Tara is thanking the heroes and hugs both Jiji and Sailor. They both get infatuated by her until Sailor is being pulled by Harpoon. Harpoon then tells Sailor that the ship is scheduled to leave in 2 hours. They all then boards the ship and the Scypher Twins sneaks in. As Sailor is about to go on, a man in a sailor suit like Sailor stops him. He says he is the one driving the boat to Salute City and says his name is General White. He then accuses Sailor of impersonating as a sailor and then challenges him to a fight. He says if he wins: Sailor and his friends stay. If Sailor wins: they go to Salute City.

His friends occasinally comments once in a while as the two fight. Sailor starts by repeatedly punding General White in the face. General White then tries to smack him but fails. Sailor then pulls out his Twin Sailor Swords and slashes General White. Tara and Jiji then comments on the fight and then General white elbows Sailor to the ground. After a few moments, Sailor reveals that he let him hit him to see what he is made of. Sailor then beats him up and then slips and General White actually hits him. General White then uses his Photon Flash and Sailor falls to the docks. Sailor gets up and uses his Typhoon Kick and then is about to use his Counterattack until General White gives up and they board the ship.

He then swears revenge on Sailor by beating him in the tournament. As the ship prepares to go, Nael shows Mugi the ways as Mugi watched Sailor fight, he joins and becomes Sailor's biggest fan. Nael then wishes them off and Sailor promises to return. Mugi then wishes to be like Sailor and be a savior of Tailwind. The ship then heads to the northwest and starts moving. Harpoon then announces to her friends that she is excited but she is not joining the tournament. Jiji, Sailor, Sphynx and Mugi then starts talking to one another because they are joining. Tara and Harpoon then says that they will find the house they will be staying at. Amneal then sends his assassins to wait at the docks of Salute City to where Sailor and his friends will depart from it. General White then talks to himself as he drives and the Scypher Twins prepares to get their revenge as their vengeance draws near.

Episode 13: Psycho BarrierEdit

After a long sleep, Sailor sees shadows lurking on the ship and then finds Nene and Ezmein on the ship as well. General White then announces that they have arrived. Everyone then departs from the ship and General White tells Sailor he will fight him in the tournament. Jobi then laughs and Neon tells him to shut up. He then says that those are a type of people that he does not usually see. He then gets curious about Sailor and says he will keep a close eye on them. All the participants that are joining the fight then enter and the instructors announce the fighters: Sailor, Sphynx, Jiji, Mugi, Neon, Scypher Twins, Assasin 1, Assasin 2, General White, Luna, Gan, Rio, Leoban, Fogunugi. The heroes are then going into a house to stay for the time being. THe Scypher Twins then glares at them and then goes off. Jobi then plans on stealing Harpoon as he is in love with her. Neon tells him to do what he wishes but to not get killed. He then goes off and Neon bumps into the Scypher Twins and General White.

They all then talks about wanting to fight Sailor. Neon then talks about two creepy guys that want him dead. He then tells Jobi this so he can tell Sailor it if Sailor catches him. As everyone is relaxing, Tara is laying into her bed as well as Sphynx, and Jiji. As Harpoon is going outside, Jobi kidnaps her and everyone freaks out. Sailor walks in and Jiji tells him the news. Sailor then goes out to find her and catches Jobi in no time. Jobi then makes fun of Sailor and then Sailor elbows him in the stomach and gets Harpoon back.

Jobi then tells Sailor about the mysterious four people that wants him either dead or just wants to beat him to a pulp. He then tells about his best friend Neon wanting to know more about him. the two then leaves as Jobi plots revenge. Jobi then goes home to where Neon is. Sailor and Harpoon talk about what Jobi said and until Jiji brings them inside. Tara said she made food and they all go to the table. Everyone except Harpoon and Sailor thne gaze at the stars as everyone else gawk at them making fun of them. The tew then hold hands while looking at the stars.

Episode 14: Salute City TournamentEdit

The heroes wake up only to find out that their is an announcement that is going on soon about the tournament. It will provide the rules of the tournament. As the heroes are walking, Jobi, Neon, and Gonzalea are walking too and Gonzalea charms both Tara and Harpoon. Jiji and Sphynx both get jealous and Sphynx mocks him. Jobi and Sailor both glare at each other until Sailor grows a smile and then laughs at him. Neon then carefully watches him and then asks him on how many fights has he won.

He says that he has won many fights and explains he has beaten Tal, Ezmein, Nene, Scypher Twins, General White, and Jobi. Neon then gets curious on whether Sailor is the strongest or not. He then says to himself he will wait to see in the preliminary rounds if he is the worthy opponent he has been asking for. Jobi then goes to hear the announcement with Gonzalea. Neon then joins them. The instructors explains that a person is allowed to kill someone in this tournament. Everyone then gets frightened except Mugi and Sailor. Mugi then asks Sailor all there is to know, Sailor explains everything just when the announcement is over. Everyone then goes home and prepares for the tournament to start tomorrow. Gonzalea then continues to charm Tara and Harpoon. Jiji then talks to Sphynx on how to get them back. Mugi goes with Sailor to train in the city gate dome. They both train for hours. Meanwhile, Amneal creates a robotic version of himself and prepares to sends it if his assasins fail him. Hendle then protests and Marron does as well.

Amneal then shuts them up and threatens to use the half of the Sailor Locket. Sailor and Mugi then finish training and Sailor tells Mugi he is going to do great. Gonzalea then sneaks into the house when everyone is asleep and sneaks into Jiji's room. Jiji then thinks it is Sailor and Mugi and then goes to sleep. Gonzalea then goes into Sphynx's room and throws Sphynx out the window. Sphynx talks to him on top of the roof and Gonzalea says he is going to kill him so he can be in their group. Sphynx then uses his Bermuda Trapzone and crushes Gonzalea to bits. He then goes back to bed and replaces the window. Sailor and Mugi then come home and Harpoon and Tara talks to them. Mugi goes to bed and Sailor tells the two girls that they were training for the preliminaries tomorrow. They all then go to bed for a good night sleep.

Episode 15: Preliminary PerilEdit

Everyone wakes up and Harpoon and Tara drags Mugi and Sailor to the arena. There, all the competitiors and 90% of the city are there watching them. Harpoon and Tara wishes them good luck. Ezmein and Nene then kidnaps Leoban and Fogunugi and gets in the competition. The proctor then instructs the rules again and then tells the match ups. The Preliminary Rounds had: Sailor vs. Ezmein, Jiji vs. Assasin 2, Sphynx vs. Rio, Mugi vs. Gan, General White vs. Luna (who is not anywhere in sight), Scypher Twins vs. Assasin 1, and Neon vs. Nene. The first match was Sailor vs. Ezmein and every other competitor took their stand in the waiting area where they can watch the fight. Sphynx, Mugi, and Jiji all look at the competition they have to fight against. The two assassins are carefully watching Sailor to see what he is made of. Mugi, Jiji, and Sphynx then notices the Scypher Twins are there and that the to assassins, Scypher Twins, General White, and Neon are carefully watching him. Jiji then tells the news to Tara and Harpoon. The two girls then kept a close eye on those competitors.

Ezmein made fun of Sailor and then mocked him. Sailor and Ezmein then fought one another and they revealed that both has been training. They both get surprised and as Ezmein tries to beat up Sailor, he dodges it and defeats Ezmein using his Counterattack. Everyone then gets surprised. Tara then compliments Sailor and Harpoon brings up the fact that he has been working on that move. Sailor then goes to the next round and goes to the stand to where Ezmein runs away. Jiji then gives Sailor a high-five as the three congrats him on his job well done. Sphynx then asks him how he got to move so fast and got his techniques so powerful. He then says he was training with Mugi all night. The next match was Jiji vs. Assassin 2. Jiji mocks him but he does not answer back. Jiji then fights him but gets pounded.

The guy then starts making him bleed and uses a bottle to suck up his energy. Jiji then manages to get up and uses his Shroud Mace and cuts his face. The assassin then kicks him and then shoots him. Jiji then dodges it and throws his mace at him. Jiji then reveals he planted a bomb on it and it blows the assassin to bits. Assassin 1 then tells Amneal that the other assassin is dead. Amneal then tells him that when it is his turn, he should give up and prepare to kill Sailor. Jiji then goes and Tara is cheering loudly. Jiji then blushes and Sphynx slaps him on the back good job. Mugi then smiles and Sailor asks how did he put the bomb on, he said he did it when Assassin 2 looked down. He then takes his mace and cleans it. Neon then stares as Sailor (along with General White and the Scypher Twins) and thinsk that maybe he is the one. Jobi then sits next to Harpoon and Harpoon freaks out. Tara then kicks him out the Coliseum.

The next match was Sphynx vs. Rio. Rio was mocking Sphynx, even humiliating him. He then says he will kill Sphynx in one hit. Sphynx then uses his Bermuda Trapzone and crushes Rio. Mugi then asks Sphynx if that was the right thing to do and Sphynx says no but he wanted to end the fight. The next round was Mugi vs. Gan. Mugi tries to hit Gan but Gan repeatidly beats Mugi down. Mugi then gets thrashed until he uses his Manoyegko and ties with him. Mugi then remembers his training with Sailor and then punches Gan up. He then slams Gan down and defeats him. Everyone compliments him, especially Sailor. The two then goes out for some food and will be back later. Tara and Harpoon then goes to the waiting area as well ass Jobi. Jiji then brags about his fight but Sphynx then tells them that Mugi and Sailor stepped out for some time. Neon then tells Jobi that Sailor is the one and asks him to get some info from him. He then goes and General White taks about how he is going to get Sailor.

Episode 16: Inero vs. SailorEdit

The proctor announces the next round with it being General White fighting Luna. However, they wait 10 minutes for Luna and she does not show up. They then announce General White the winner. General White then mocks Jiji and them. He then says that at this rate, Sailor has no chance of winning. The Scypher Twins then prepares to go up and tells Jiji and Sphynx to tells Sailor that they will defeat him. Neon then watches Jiji's expression. Tara and Harpoon then goes back to their seats and starts wondering about Sailor and Mugi. The Scypher Twins were tied with Assassin 1 until they hit him and then punches him and then uses their Twin Demon Strike. Amneal then tells him to resign and go after Sailor. Assassin 1 then resigns and leaves the stadium. The Scypher Twins then gets overconfident and then mocks General White. General White then argues. Sphynx and Jiji then get suspicious about the people quitting.

Sailor and Mugi are eating food until Jobi walks past them he then turns around and bumps into Assassin 1. Assassin 1 then kidnaps him and then kills him. Sailor and Mugi starts to head back by jumping from rooftop to rooftop. As they are about to jump to the ground, Assassin 1 stops them and reveals his origin and that he is working for Amneal. He then says he is going to kill Sailor. He then says his name is Inero and that his friend Jiji killed Aefrio. Sailor then fights him and seems to be winning until he blocks Sailor's Counterattack. He then punds Sailor multiple times. Mugi tries to support him but hopes that no citizen will notice. Sailor then uses his Sailor Pole and Twin Sailor Swords to no prevail. He then gets beat up severely and then gets choked. He then gets caught in his Darkness Crater and nearly gets killed.

He then uses his Typhoon Kick and Dynamic Uppercut to no prevail. He then gets thrashed. He is about to die until he uses his Sailor Locket and sucks up Inero's soul, killing him. The locket then sucks Inero as well. Mugi and Sailor then hurries back to the Coliseum Stadium and tells the news to Tara, Harpoon, Sphynx, and Jiji. They all get shocked and soon Harpoon worries for Sailor. Sailor blushes and then gets serious. The proctor then said they will be taking a small break. The Scypher Twins, General White, and Neon all hangout in the waiting zone while the heroes talks about the problem.

Tara then brings up that if Amneal is that strong, then it will take a lot of training. Jiji and Sphynx then explain that if the Assassins were strong enough to nearly kill Sailor and Jiji, then Amneal must be stronger than god. Harpoon then gets scared until Mugi tells them that Sailor will know what to do. Sailor then gets a smile and promises to do something about it. Sailor then promises to fight against any cause and will defeat anything that comes his way. He then tells Mugi that the hero does not always win and that it takes time. Mugi knows that and hugs Sailor. Everyone then looks down at the tournament to await until the Final Rounds starts.

Episode 17: Mentor of the WindEdit

The proctor announces that there is still a few more minutes and Sailor notices that Cabirious is coming towards them. Sailor greets him and he says that he is glad but not surprised that Sphynx, Jiji and he made it. Tara asks who he is and Harpoon explains that he was the man that helped Sailor harness his power to defeat the Scypher Twins. Tara then asks him if he beat the Scypher Twins and he says he was the only one besides Sailor to ever beat them alone.

Sphynx then gets surprised and asked does fighting two on two count. He says yes and so Sphynx declares he has beaten the Scypher Twins. The Scypher Twins then gets mad and declares to kill Sphynx when they are done with Sailor. General White talks about how he is stronger than almost everybody in Salute City. Neon then tells the Scypher Twins and General White that they have no chance at beating him and that they should quit if they are put against him. Both of those parties disagree. Jiji flirts with Tara while Harpoon and Sphynx tries to discover about the people who quit the competition. Cabirious went back to his seat and Sailor took Mugi to talk with the other finalist.

General White and the Scypher Twins started acting high and mighty. Mugi then told them that Sailor already beat them. Neon then stares at Sailor and wonders where Jobi is. He then uses his powers and announces that Jobi is dead. General White thinks he is crazy and the Scypher Twins ignores him. Sailor and Mugi then wonder how and Neon explains that an assassin killed him. Sailor then told him of the assassin and how he killed him. Jiji then joins up with Sailor and told Sphynx to go too. Harpoon was getting drowsy until the Final Rounds was about to take its place. All the finalist then go up and the proctor announces the Final Rounds will be different until the Semi-Final Round. He said one person will keep fighting until eventually they lose or until there are only four competitors.

Sailor then volunteered to be the person and his first opponent was General White who seeked revenge. The two then take their posts and Sphynx and Jiji both bet that Sailor will win. Sailor and General White are tied until Sailor uses his Counterattack. General White then uses his Seismic Anchor and Sailor gets blown to the wall. He then gets up and then repeatidly hits him in the face like their last encounter. Sailor then uses his Sailor Pole and dodges General White's attacks. He then predicts White's moves and dodges it. He then uses his Twin Sailor Swords and cuts and slashes him. General White then uses his Big Boulder Slider and Sailor looks defeated. Sailor then gets up and finishes General White off with his Dynamic Uppercut. General White then leaves and plots revenge. The Scypher Twins then choose to go up next and the Coliseum Stadium's intensity heats up tenfold.

Episode 18: Sailor's Beach PartyEdit

Sailor talks with the Scypher Twins and compliments them for getting stronger. They compliment him for knowing they have gotten stronger but mock him. They then go to strike him, Sailor dodges it and then kicks them both. Neon is focusing his attention on Sailor and Jiji comments on it. Sphynx wonders why and they watch the fight. Mugi goes to use the bathroom until he bumps into a mysterious girl.

She reveals to be Luna. Mugi then asks her why she forfeit the match. She said she did so because she was scared. Mugi then takes her to Harpoon and Tara. The two girls ask her to join their team and she relunctantly accepts when Mugi tries to convince her. Mugi then goes back to the waiting area. Sailor uses his Dynamic Uppercut on them and hits them directly. He then uses his Counterattack and they are about to lose until they fight as one and starts dominating him. They quickly make quick work of him. Sailor then pulls out his Twin Sailor Swords and uses them. The twins get hurt but still pummel Sailor. Sailor then uses his Cyclone Burst. They then ask him about this new move and he says he has been saving it. He then uses his Typhoon Kick and then finishes them off with his Sailor Pole. They then leave as Sailor tells them he has been training extra hard for this day. Mugi then hugs him as Sphynx and Jiji congratulates him.

Tara explains that those four are their friends and are apart of the team. She then meets them and tells them her name and why she quit. Sailor then tells her that he is the leader and the youngest of the team. She then wishes him luck in his next fight. Sphynx then announces to be Sailor's last challenger before the Semi-Finals. The two are tied until Sphynx gets Sailor in his Bermuda Trapzone. Sailor manages to escape and surprises even Neon. He then kicks Sphynx and then throws him to the wall. Luna reveals to Harpoon and Tara that she thinks Sphynx is cute. The two then mock her and they continue to watch. Mugi asks Jiji if Sphynx is stronger than Sailor. Jiji tells him that he is not and that Sailor is not using his full power. Sailor then uses his Sailor Pole and damages his leg.

Sphynx then uses his Photon Void Chamber. Sailor then gets inside is and is getting hurt. Harpoon then frowns and wants Sailor to win. Tara and Luna both ask why as they both make her blush. She then lies and cheers them both on. Sailor then uses his Sailor Locket to counter it. He then uses his Typhoon Kick to hurt Sphynx and finishes him off with his Twin Sailor Swords. Sphynx then gets up and compliments him for making it to the Semi Finals. He then smiles at him and Sphynx goes with Harpoon, Tara, and Luna. The proctor then announces the final four and the final rounds: Sailor vs. Jiji and Mugi vs. Neon.

Episode 19: Sailorgheddon!Edit

Tara and Sphynx both wonder who would win and Harpoon said that from experience, Sailor would win but not by much. Luna then asks Sphynx if he wish he was still in and if he was mad at Sailor. He says no and explains that he was glad to lose to Sailor to fully understand why he lost. He then revealed that from the start of their fight, he had no chance at beating him. The girs then gets surprised and they then get ready to watch Sailor versus Jiji. Sailor and Jiji talk for a bit and then they get serious and are tied. They throw punches at one another and Neon says that whoever wins this match is worthy of fighting him. Mugi then tells him that Sailor is going to win. Neon then agrees as Sailor socks Jiji in the eye. Jiji then kicks him in the stomach and karate chops him to the wall. Sailor then gets up and they continue to throw punches until Sailor uses his Counterattack.

Jiji then falls down. Tara then wonders how Sailor got that unimaginable strength, speed, and endurance. Harpoon then reveals that he has been training for this since they were in Tailwind Town. Mugi then keeps rooting for both of them but mostly Sailor. Sailor uses his Typhoon Kick and counters that with Jiji's Furior Pundant. He then uses his Shroud Mace and injures Sailor. Sailor then dodges his other attacks and repeatidly kicks him. He then gets hurt and gets punched up. Sailor then blocks his next attack and uses his Penetrate Burst.

Jiji then gets up from it and then uses his strongest attack, Fire Dynamo. Sailor looks defeated and Neon looks disappointed. Mugi then tells Neon that Sailor is not defeated and that he is going to get up. Sailor finally gets up and does his Dynamic Uppercut on Jiji, he then finishes him off with his Tornado Hook. Jiji falls down. Sailor is declared the winner and he helps Jiji up. Jiji then admits that he is the better fighter. He then wishes him luck in the final round and they fist pound. They then meet Mugi and wishes him luck. The proctor then says they will take a ten minute break and Neon prepares for the fight while Mugi talks with his friends about his match against Neon.

Episode 20: The Final of FinalsEdit

Sailor tells Mugi that he will do great and he has prepared for this moment. Neon then advises Mugi to quit now. Sailor tells him that Mugi will never quit and that he will fight him all the way. Neon then says it is his loss and waits in the waiting area. Harpoon gets scared about Neon and wishes Mugi good luck. Mugi then says he will do his best and Luna kisses him on the cheek. Mugi then blushes and then goes to the arena when the time is up. Mugi wishes Neon good luck and Neon glares at him. Mugi is trying to attack him until he cannot seem to lay a finger on him. He then wonders what is going on. He then gets pounded multiple times by the air and then falls down. He then gets up and does not give up.

He then tries to attack him but can't. He then stomps on the ground and causes a magnitude (4). Neon jumps in the air and gets surprised. Neon then keeps hurting Mugi until he finally thinks of the fight as a waste of time. He then prepares to kill Mugi. Mugi then hits him with the air (taught to him by Sailor). Sailor and Jiji then goes to get some food. Sphynx decides to join them. Luna, Tara, and Harpoon then gets scared for him. Sailor then decides to stay and watch his pupil. Sphynx and Jiji gets their food and goes in the waiting area with Sailor. Sailor then watches in horror as Mugi is getting pounded by nothing. Cabirious then explains to Sailor, Sphynx, and Jiji that Neon is a psycho. Jiji agrees but then finds out he was serious.

Cabirious explains that Neon is apart of a legend of people that are gifted with psychic powers. Sphynx gets shocked and tells the girls that. They then gets shocked and hopes Mugi can withstand it. Mugi keeps getting battered. Sailor then gets angry as he learns that Neon is using psychic to beat the tar out of Mugi. Sailor then tells Mugi about Neon and Mugi tries to find an opening. Mugi almost hits him until... Neon does his strongest weakest attack and knocks Mugi down. Sailor then gasps and begs Mugi to get up. Mugi barely gets up and then declares war. Neon then laughs in his face. Meanwhile, Amneal sends robot look-alike to Salute City to kill Sailor. Amneal then watche the tournament.

Episode 21: The New LeagueEdit

Mugi gets up and then tricks Neon by pretending to hit him and dodging his attack using his instincts. Mugi then beats Neon up and the heroes all get happy and cheer Mugi on. Mugi beats Neon up and then uses his Flash Combination. He is then about to kick Neon until Neon uses a force psychic choke. He then starts to crush Mugi's throat. Everyone in the crowd then starts to gasp. Luna shuts her eyes and tells them she cannot watch. Harpoon adn Tara tell Sailor in the distance to do something. Sphynx and Jiji hears this and they along with the others goes to tell Sailor. Sailor is watching in horror his friend slowly dying. Neon then gives him a last chance to give up but Mugi does not. Mugi then continues to get choked.

They all then tell Sailor but Jiji tells them to give him a moment. Sailor then cries and then jumps to Mugi's aid. Sailor then tries to punch Neon but Neon blocks it by his his barrier. The proctor then declares that Mugi lost. Sailor then talks to Mugi and tells him he did great and promises to Mugi that he will beat Neon for him. Mugi is taken to the hospital and Sailor tells Tara and Harpoon to go with him. They go and Luna asks how could that happen. Neon then tells Sailor that he is the fighter that he wanted to fight and that he should prepare himself for the final match. Sailor then talks with his friends and Jiji tells him that he has to win or it is too late. Sphynx and Luna then notices that his knuckles were broken from trying to punch the barrier to much. Luna then puts a bandage on both hands and Sailor says he will fight with them. She then gives him some ointment that will heal his knuckles in a few minutes.

The proctor then announces the final round and Sailor and Neon takes their stands. Meanwhile, Amneal watches the fight with Neon and Sailor and tells Sailor's parents about it. They then gasp and hopes he win. Sailor then vows to beat Neon no matter what and swears on his life. Neon then explains that he does not care if he kills him and that he is the only worthy opponent for him. He then says that he knew he was the right opponent since he won his first match. Neon then says that Sailor is the strongest and that he has no purpose in life. He then says he will be the strongest once defeating him. Sailor then explains being the strongest does not mean winning. Neon then ignores him and they prepare for the final match to begin.

Episode 22: A Rivals FightEdit

Sailor goes to attack Neon but his psychic powers seems to be stopping him. Sailor then gets psycho pushed back and then taps into his willpower to stop his barrier from being effective. Neon then taps into his real psycho powers and tries to combat him there to stop him. They both have a fight mentally until eventually Sailor wins and he starts to beat Neon up. Neon then tries to keep using his barrier, only for him to keep getting pounded. Neon then beats him up and then uses his psychic powers along with it.

Sailor keeps getting hurt in the face but holds his ground. He then walks towards Neon and breaks his barrier. He then uses his Counterattack on him and then punches him to the wall. Neon then gets up and uses his Mental Physique and beats the tar out of Sailor. Sailor then combats him and they are tied. Sailor then uses his Typhoon Kick on Neon and Neon quickly recover and beats him to a pulp. Sailor then repeatedly hits him and then they start trading punches. Harpoon, Tara, and Mugi then comes back and they comment on the fight. Mugi then asks Jiji about the fight. Sha then gets surprised and asks Luna who will win. Luna brings out that they are evenly matched. Jiji then told Tara, Harpoon, and Mugi that the two have been going at it and are even. However, Neon is winning the fight at the moment.

Sphynx then tells Mugi that Sailor will win because he made a promise. Neon then uses his Psycho Cut and Sailor falls to the ground. The crowd gets shocked. Mugi then begs Sailor to get up and that he cannot lose. However, Sailor does not respond. Neon then mocks Sailor. Amneal shows Sailor's parents and they both get angry. Marron shuts her eyes and does not look. Hendle then explains to Amneal that Sailor is strong and he will recover from this. The proctor then walks towards Sailor and is about to announce that he is defeated.

Season Two: The Return of General White ArcEdit

Episode 23: Sailor's Final BreatheEdit

Sailor in his subconscience mind then looks back on his achievements so far and remembers his vow to Mugi and promise that he will defeat Neon. As the proctor is about to announce the fight is over, Sailor holds his hand and rises upward. His parents gets happy and Amneal mocks him. The crowd goes wild and some bystanders bring up that Sailor is the toughest of the tough but some say he has no chance against Neon. Mugi and the others then cheer him on. Harpoon cheers the most and Mugi smiles at him. Sailor looks at Mugi and gives him the thumbs up. Sailor then tells Neon that he will never give up and that he will defeat him. Neon then compliments Sailor on still surviving but then mocks him and asks him why he insists on don't giving up when he is the inferior fighter. Sailor then says that he made a promise and that he never turns down a fight. He then says his purpose in life is to get strong and rescue his parents.

Sailor then jumps up and kicks Neon. Neon then admits that he could not see Sailor move so fast for a split second. Neon then punches him and then tries to throw him but misses. Sailor then dropkicks him and then uses his Dynamic Uppercut on him. Neon then taps into his hidden psycho magic power and unleashes Oblivio-Mania and Sailor gets battered and shattered. Sailor then gets up and asks Neon what was that. Neon explains that it is a move where it creats a dark void that manipulates a persons vital organs and nerves and damages it severely head on and direct. Sailor then says he cannot move and Neon then punches him and he slides to a wall. Harpoon then screams for Sailor to get up or she will kill him. Sphynx and Jiji then gasp and Mugi tells everyone that Sailor will win and that he won't lose a fight like this. Sailor gets up and then uses his Sailor Pole to dodge the attack again but he then gets weakened from the first hit and lands in it. He then slowly gets up gets kicked. He then uses his Twin Sailor Swords but to no prevail. Sailor then uses his Penetrate Burst but Neon reverses it and Sailor falls down. Sailor then by pure luck and determination gets up and dodges Neon's next Oblivio-Mania. Neon then tries to punch him but Sailor then lets himself get thrown so he could reverse the Oblivio-Mania and hit it back at Neon .

Neon gets hit directly and the two find themselves in the same situation. Tara asks Jiji if the attack hurts the person severely by vital organs and nerves, how can Sailor throw is back. Jiji then says that Sailor could do many things that she is unaware of. He then says that he can revserse it with the Sailor Locket which he used suddenly. The two both then look tired and seems to be almost on their last legs.

Episode 24: The Last of NeonEdit

Sailor mocks Neon and Neon gets angry. Neon then tries to hit Sailor until Sailor keeps pounding him and gets his revenge. Sailor then reveals to have learned how to tap into his chi and use Hamayo power to get stronger and faster for some time. Sailor then thrashes Neon all around and his friends all cheer. Sailor then finally calms down. Neon then gets surprised and admits that nobody has ever pushed him but so far. He then says that nobody has ever hurt him or nearly beaten him. He compliments Sailor but then says that Sailor has no chance at winning. He punches Sailor and then transforms after tapping into his Neon Psychic and enters Mental-Prower mode. He then punds and pummels Sailor. Sailor gets thrashed until he is hit to a wall. He then gets up and dodges his attack. He then tells Neon that he is very strong and that he would have probably lost if he did not know how to get stronger. Sailor then uses his Hamayo Power and they are equal. Both trade punches back and forth back and forth. It seems like both will win and lose. Sailor uses his Hamayo Thunder and thrashes Neon. Neon then uses his Astro-Felix and thrashes Sailor.

The two then trade punches again. Meanwhile, Amneal's robotic look-alike is hovering over the roaring waters and will arrive in Salute City very shortly. Sailor then tells Neon that this is probably going to decide it all. Neon tells him that he cannot win. They both go back and forth with the hitting for some time until they decide to finish the fight. Neon uses his Astro-Felix 10 times the regular strength. Sailor uses Hamayo Thunderx5 because any more could kill him. However, he is losng to Neon and Neon is about to win. Sailor then taps into his subconscience mind and fuses his Hamayo Thunder with his newly trained move, Spirit Buster. Sailor then overwhlems Neon and ultimately wins the fight. The crowd goes crazy and the proctor announces the winner. Sailor's friends comes to congratulate him and Amneal tells his parents that he won. Marron and Hendle hug and tell Amneal that they knew he would win. Mugi tells Sailor he is happy and that he kept his promise like the Sailor he knows he is. Jiji and Sphynx helps him up and Sailor goes to Neon. Neon then explains that he has no purpose in life and that he cannot be the strongest now that he was defeated by Sailor.

Sailor then tells Neon he has a life to look forward for and that he should join them. He then tells Neon that Neon is strong but to become powerful and strong does not mean eating everybody and winning all the time. It means confidence, courage, friends who support you and ect. Neon then admits that Sailor is the better fighter and that he cannot compete with him. Sailor then says that he may be strong but he has lost a fight before. Neon then gets upset and asks if he really is the strongest. Sailor admits no and that he redeemed himself by beating them but then says that Amneal is the strongest. Neon then says that he fought Sailor for no reason. Sailor then admits that though the reason he wanted to beat him was pointless, he can start over and realize that a person needs to train to become the strongest. Sailor then vows to become the strongest so he can defeat Amneal. Neon then decides to join team Tailwind and changes his input on the world.

He then reveals that Sailor has inspired him to become the strongest and fight Sailor again to see if he can at least match his strength. Everyone then gets congratulated. Sailor gets rewarded with a medal and lots of cash. They all then go to the house. Everyone is eating and Neon talks with. Neon then explains his story and then brings up that it has been a long time since he saw Sha and Luna. Everyone then talks and Mugi brings up that he is going to head back to Tailwind Town soon to become the hero of it. Sailor then tells him to go for it and will get him a ticket tomorrow. Everyone then eats, however, the Amneal Robot arrives at Salute City lurking in the shadows... Looking for Sailor Typhoon!

Episode 25: Night of the Killer MachineEdit

Everyone wakes up and Sailor comes in the door. Mugi then follows him. Sailor then announces that Mugi is leaving tonight and that they need to give him a good time. Everyone gets sad and congratulates him on making it this far for being so young. Everybody then heads to the docks to await except for Tara, Neon, and Sailor. Jiji tells Harpoon that she can start missing Sailor now. Harpoon stomps on him and Sphynx brings up that Mugi will have an adventure to tell to his parents. Mugi agrees and explains to him that his parents will have to accept him for being like Sailor. Sha and Luna both hug Mugi and then tell him that he was real fun for the time being and that they promise to visit. Mugi then says that when they are older are they going to forget him. Harpoon then says no and Jiji mocks her. She then steps on Jiji's foot again and Sphynx gasps. Meanwhile, the Killer Machine is looking for Sailor.

Sailor, Neon, and Tara all went to get supplies to send Mugi off with. Neon asks Sailor if Mugi will forgive him. Sailor then brings up that he already has. Tara then laughs at Neon and Neon glares at her. Tara then asks Sailor if he will let Mugi become the new hero of Tailwind Town. Sailor says he has already become the hero after becoming his top pupil. Neon then brings up that he was his only student and Tara and Sailor shares a laugh. Amneal decides to head to Sole City to hire a guy to lead Sailor to a volcano storm and lie to him. Amneal hires the Scypher Twins instead to exterminate him. The Killer Machine then spots a person by the name of Neon and then attacks him. Neon then fights him and the citizens then runs away screaming. Tara and Sailor shows up, only to see Neon faint. Sailor and Tara then ask who it is. The Killer Machine reveals it to be the robotic look-alike of Amneal. Tara then prepares to fight it and uses her Lasso Fire.

However it blocks it and starts pounding on her. Sailor then saves her and promises to wreck it if he touches her again. It then goes and fights Sailor. Both fight for a long time as the citizens keep running. Sailor then uses his Hamayo Power and thrashes it to pulp. However it then uses Pulverizing Plenish and Sailor gets thrashed and pummeled. Sailor then uses his Typhoon Kick and then he does a tag team with Tara and Tara defeats it. The Killer Machine and the two then fight until Tara and Sailor both get exhausted. The Killer Machine is then about to strike them again until Neon destroys it with his Oblivio-Mania. They both then thank him. They all then goes to get the supplies again. A few hours later and Harpoon thinks they abandoned them. Mugi then said that it is almost time to go. Sphynx and Jiji are sleeping back to back until Sha and Luna wakes them up and decides to play a game with them.

Just as Mugi's boat is ready to go, Sailor and them return. Mugi then thanks them for everything they did and Sailor hugs his student good-bye and soon he is off back to Tailwind Town. Everyone then gathers their stuff and quickly jumps on the boat to Sole City. Sailor says his good-byes and everyone realizes he is not on the ship. Jiji then calls him and Sailor swims his way on... While everyone is laughing.

Episode 26: Sailor See, Sailor Do!Edit

Luna and Sha go to the snack bar only for them to be attacked. They then get robbed of their money. Sha and Luna then yell for Neon and Neon comes. Neon then chases down the guy and gets angry as the guy keeps running. Neon then makes the whole ships shake. He then confronts the guy in front of old people and defeats him. Sha and Luna then hug him and Neon points out to Sailor that he was right about what he said. Sphynx throws up out in the water only for Jiji to offer him some more food. Sphynx throws up again and Tara slaps him on the back. She then tells him to stop being a jerk. The ship then arrives at Sole City and when the heroes depart from the ship, they see the Scypher Twins.

The twins tell Sailor that he did good on the tournament and then they slap him on the back. Neon then reads their thoughts and yells out that they are lying. They then leave and Harpoon comments that they never know right from wrong. Sailor then says that he is glad that they noticed. Harpoon then gets shocked and slaps Sailor on the head. Tara then gets mad too. Sailor then uses some of his winnings to buy a house big enough for the eight of them. They all then heads to the town meeting. A mysterious man is giving off black market items and a reward sign for whoever can capture Sailor Typhoon. They all then turn towards the heroes. Jiji then tries to reason with them but they do not listen.

Sphynx then tells them to run and Neon teleports them to the mountain region of the city. Harpoon then accidentally steps on Tara and they get into an argument. Luna and Sha both breaks the argument up and Sailor asks Sphynx where they are. Sphynx tells them they are at the Muraguan Mountains. They all then decides to start their training with one another. Sha brings up that she wants to train with Neon. Luna then says she wants to train with Sphynx. Harpoon then trains with Tara and Jiji then trains with Sailor. Sailor brings up that the citizens cannot catch what they cannot beat.

Episode 27: GiftEdit

Harpoon asks Sailor if the people are coming. He then says yes. Team Tailwind then gets surrounded. Sphynx then points out to the people that they are immensely stronger than them and that they will be defeated if trying to fight them. They then said they just want to fight Sailor and if any of them wins, he has to get turned in. Jiji then protests to Sailor that that is a horrible idea. Luna and Tara both get shocked and asks Harpoon to reason with him. Harpoon tries to reason but Sailor accepts and volunteers Neon. Everyone then gets shocked and Sha tries to stop him. However, Neon agrees with Sailor and fends off against the citizens. They all then leave the heroes alone and Jiji compliments Neon on the quick work. They all then go to a pilot station and ask to be flown to Muscle Town. He then takes them however, Sphynx gets frightened and jumps on Harpoon. She then gets him off of her and allows Sailor to go next to her. Sailor then agrees.

Luna asks Tara if Muscle Town is famous for anything besides the Solar Flare it had 2 years ago. Neon talks to Sha about how he has long waited for someone like Sailor to arise. Jiji flirts with Tara and Sailor and Sphynx makes fun of them. They then high-five one another. They then land at Muscle Town. However, the plane breaks down and Sailor uses his Sailor Locket to repair it. Harpoon and Luna points out that he is mis-uisng his power of the locket but for a good cause. The pilot then rewards Sailor with a pilot's license and then flies off back to the station. They all then rent a room in an inn for a few days.

Ezmein and Nene then follows them and Sailor gets left behind when he finds them. Jiji wonders where he went but Sphynx and Harpoon both agree that Sailor will be fine. Sailor fights Ezmein and Nene and he quickly beats them with a quick Cyclone Burst. He then meets up with his friends. Harpoon then hugs Sailor and Tara makes fun of her. They then get into an argument until an old geezer comes and gifts them with knowledge of Amneal. Everyone then talks and then looks at Sailor and Sailor tells them that his quest has become much more fun. They all then share a hug as they head to a dining place to eat.

Episode 28: General White's ReturnEdit

Team Tailwind are eating until they notice it gets dark and the wind is blowing dramatically. Harpoon then brings up that they have come a long way from just when Sailor was back in Tailwind Town. Sphynx then agrees and then spots a person by the name of Captain Blood. He and Sha goes over there and then makes fun of him because he never moves. He then breaks that and punches Sphynx to the wall. All the people then run outside and the workers of the place hid in the kitchen. Sha then screams at him and then gets hit to the wall as well. Luna then goes to aid both Sphynx and Sha. Luna and Sha then both decides to fight together. Luna is tied with Captain Blood until she is knocked down. However, Sha then uses her Power Ball and strikes Captain Blood to the wall. Captain Blood signals for a person to kidnap some of them. The person knapsacks Jiji, Tara, and Harpoon. Neon then goes to chase him but gets kicked into the place.

The person then runs away on top of a faraway building. Sailor then helps Neon and they watch as Sha and Luna combines their Thunder-Fire and their Cross-Bow together and it defeats Captain Blood. Captain Blood then retreats and promises to get teh girls back. The girls then help Sphynx up and they then ask Neon and Sailor where the other were. Neon then tells them that a mysterious person kidnapped them. Everyone then gasps and heads out. Sailor then uses his Sailor Locket to sense where the person went. They all then go rooftop jumping. Luna then slips but Neon saves her. Sha then blushes at him and Sailor takes them to a final rooftop to where Tara, Harpoon, and Jiji are all roped. Sailor is about to rescue them until the person revealed themselves to be General White. General White then ropes Neon and Sphynx. He then mocks Sailor and Sailor decides to fight him. General White then reveals to have been experimented and has supernatural powers. Sailor and him then fight but Sailor is no match for him.

General White then thrashes Sailor until Sha stops him and gets hurt. Tara then tells Sailor to help her. Harpoon then yells for Luna to help Sailor up. She does and Sailor uses his Typhoon Kick to stop General White. General White then punches Sailor. Sailor gets up and uses his Sailor Pole to deflect his attacks. Sailor then gets pounded down and is about to be defeated until. Luna dropkicks him. General White then goes after Luna but Sha then throws him and Sailor then punches him down. Sailor then finishes General White off with his Dynamic Uppercut. Jiji then praises the three and then hugs them. Harpoon and Tara both smile and then giggles with Sha and Luna. Neon then thanks Sailor and them and Jiji and Sphynx both gives Sailor a nuggy. Sailor then trips them both and then he flies them back to Sole City to where they all go to sleep right before it rains. However, General White lurks the streets and seeks revenge on Sailor.

Season Two: Tyranny of Lt. Spike ArcEdit

Episode 29: The Not-So-Super Emerl BrosEdit

Neon wakes up and accidentally turns around and kisses Sha. Sha then gets flirty and then leaves the room for a brief moment. Neon then quickly wakes Sailor up and asks him what to do. Sailor then tells him to tell her that they should start things really, really slow. Sha comes back and Neon tell her that. Sha then gets disappointed adn then gest happy when she heard him say they need to take it slow. Everyone else then woke up. Team Tailwind then goes outside and Sailor flies them to Urban-Rok City. Once they get there, they see four twin brothers standing. Jiji goes to confront them and asks them about the city. They then push him to the ground. Sailor told Jiji that he Sphynx, and Neon can handle them. Then he and the girls went to a place to eat. Meanwhile, Jiji and the other gets annoyed of the four brothers when they trick them and then threw them into the water. Jiji helps the other two out the water and then declares war on them. Jiji fights one of them but then accidentally punches another one. He then fights two of them. Sphynx then fights one and Neon fights another. Amneal leaves his fortress and decides to a void outside of it. He does so and then returns to his fortress. Sailor is eating ravenously and the girls are just staring at him. He then pauses and asks what's wrong. Harpoon and Tara then makes a joke about him and starts laughing. Luna then asks him if he always eats like that. He then says sometimes and Sha admits that she does that sometimes when she is really hungry. Harpoon then asks how does that make sense. Sha then tells Luna to explain and Luna says that that was just how she was born. Tara then gets freaked out and then goes outside to find the boys. Sailor then goes along with the other girls. They all then watch as Jiji finishes off the first one. Sphynx defeated his and Neon defeated his. Harpoon then gets anrgy and punches the other Emerl Bros and then finishes him off with her Electro-Arrow. They all then bow down to Harpoon. Sailor then asks the Emerl Bros about the city. They say that an organization called the Notorious Army is blocking the way to a Mystical Fortress that leads to someone. Sailor's half of the Sailor Locket acts up and it reveals that the Mystical Fortress is Amneal's fortress. Sailor and his friends then heads that way and thanks the Emerl Bros. Sailor then promises to return and visit. They all then go up towards the long mountainous hill.

Episode 30: The Melancholy of Lt. SpikeEdit

The heroes arrive at a wall. Sailor and Neon then experiments with it and they then jump and levitate over it. Harpoon gets mad and mocks them. Sha, Luna, and Sphynx then did it Sphynx then mocks Harpoon and Harpoon drags Jiji up. They all then stumble upon Lt. Spike. Lt. Spike then demands the other half of the Sailor Locket and Jiji and Sphynx protests. He then defeats them both when they come towards him. Luna and Tara then fights him and seems to hold their own. They then uses their Flash Furior and Cosmic Flare. Lt. Spike then eventually gets tired of them and tries to defeat them but they use their combining Metallix Move and defeats him. He then gets back up and captures Sailor. The others then gets shocked but Jiji uses his mace but to no prevail. Neon then predicts where he is heading and they all go follow. Sailor asks Lt. Spike why he is evil. Lt. Spike then reveals a flashback of his of when he was little and how he was sentenced and kidnapped to go to war so he could be in the Notorious Army.

He then revealed that he was devastated and that he never wanted to join but ever since he did, he has gotten a lot stronger. He then changes the topic and takes it to his base and put him in a cage. The other heroes are running as Neon is giving them the directions. Neon then reads Sailor's thoughts and Sailor tells him where he is. The other heroes then decides to take turns fighting. Luna and Sha then decides to fight together and first again. They eventually reaches the place and Lt. Spike opens the door and traps them. Neon effortlessly gets the heroes out of the trap and Luna and Sha both annoy Lt. Spike after beating him before. Lt. Spike then shares a flashback with them about how he was forced to kill his parents as target practice. His older brother and younger brother were both devastated. The two then banished Spike from the house and learned to live in a hut raised by an old man. Sha and Luna then runs towards him and is able to attack.

Episode 31: The Mysterious Power of the Sailor LocketEdit

Luna and Sha uses their Metallix attack and they are able to crush Spike's arm to oblivion. Spike then summons a demon from is right arm and it bites both Luna and Sha and steals all of their chi and it is generated into Lt. Spike. They then falls and faints. He then ties them up and Sphynx goes to fight. Sphynx and him goes at it for a while. Sphynx then gets pummeled and reveals that he use to be a kid that was enslaved by his guardians, the Scypher Twins. He then uses his Photon Void Chamber and then tricks Lt. Spike and uses his Bermuda Trapzoid. Lt. Spike then regenerates some chi and then kicks Sphynx to a stone wall and then he faints. Sphynx then gets tied up. Harpoon and Tara both team up and they put their rivalry aside and there is a flashback of how they got along.

They then combines both of their attacks and creates Meteor Barrage of Steel and Lt. Spike uses some of that to create a metal arm. He then sets a bomb and blows them both up. However, Tara gets up and Jiji hugs her. Sailor then sees Harpoon and he then gets mad. He then tries to break out and demands out. Spike then tells him to shut up and Sailor then tells him one of his flashbacks about how his parents were kidnapped by Amneal. Spike then gasps and then he decides to let him go but then knocks some sense into himself and does not let him out. Tara then uses her newly advanced technique, Comequian Sphere she creates a chi ball made up of entire atmoshpere and energy from the earth's core and she throws it at him and he burns himself and then he reverses the polarity of the attack and Tara faints. Neon then gets angry and decides to kill Spike. He then prepares to use his force choke but remembers that Sailor disabled it. Then he uses his Transect Momento and manages to beat and even thrashes and Lt. Spike until he tricks Neon and beats him at his own game.

Jiji then gets really mad and demands that Spike releases Sailor at once. Spike refuses and Jiji is about to attack him until Lt. Spike just grabs him and he throws him to the electrocuted fence. Jiji then gets tied up. Sailor then gets ferocious and then rips out of the cage. He then uses a new technique (never before seen), he uses the Extraterrestrial Comet and and Lt. Spike gets defeated. Sailor then explains to him that he should start over a new leaf and that he could be a great ally if only he was willing to take that extra step. He then defeats Lt. Spike for good and gathers all of his friends and nurses them back to health.

They all then congratulates him but Neon then wonders that before he fainted he noticed that Sailor used an unfamiliar move. Sailor then reminds them of a flashback of when they were in Salute City and he was training with Mugi and he revealed that move to Mugi when Mugi was attacking him. Sailor then told Mugi that the move was powerful and that it could pierce with enough force. Sailor then revealed that if he was to use that attack on Neon, then he would have killed him. Sailor then also said that the more hurt he is, then the stronger the attack is. Neon then gets scared and Lt. Spike reveals that he was playing them like fools and then he kidnaps one of the girls (Luna). Both Sha and Sphynx gets upset about this and the heroes runs after the two with no trace of them.

Episode 32: Amneal's Master PlanEdit

Amneal gets angry that he has been deceived by Sailor. Hendle then asks how and Amneal tells him that he never knew that Sailor knew the Extraterrestrial Comet. He then slaps Hendle and Marron yells at him. He then ignores her and then he makes blueprints of his own and creates a new Mecha Amneal. He then hires new assassins that will be prepared next time. The assassins were assigned to recruit Lt. Spike and then Murray, Laylo and Spike could kill the heroes and take the Sailor Locket by force. Hendle asks why and Amneal says because in order to be complete, he needs the right half of the Sailor Locket.

He then sends them to go to the mountains of an ominous city and from there, the assassins and Mecha Amneal could make their move. Sailor and the others are looking for Luna and Sha gets really angry. She then threatens to kill him once they find him. The Emerl Bros. then comes with urgent news about the city. They tell the heroes that 2 weird looking people with a crazy look in their eyes and that they have teamed up with Lt. Spike. Sailor then gets surprised and wonders if it is Inero and Aefrio. Jiji then says that he blew Aefrio up and that he sucked Inero in the Sailor Locket. Tara then gets angry and tells Jiji to kill them when he gets the chance. Sphynx then makes a plan to confront the two assassins and he and Sha decides to do so. Amneal leaves his HQ and escapes to find some resources to power up his Mechanical Amneal.

Meanwhile, the 2 new assassins, named Anketo & Kochan. He then fights them both and


  • This show has a number of 492 episodes with twelve movies + more once I decided to continue with it (an alternate timeline movie and a real movie following after the events of the series).
  • Amneal is fused with his second robotic look alike, Mechanism Golem before he encounters the heroes for a last time.
  • From Episodes 151-159 are truthfully canon to the series of Sailor Typhoon. However, they take a break on trying to get the other half of the Sailor Locket and meets Monkey D. Luffy, Naruto Uzumaki, and Son Goku. There is also a movie with these four cross-over characters and the characters from Sailor Moon.


This is an anime show that is the sequel to Sailor Typhoon.

Primary CharactersEdit

  • Sailor Raiz Typhoon: He is the leader of the S.S. Admeral Brigade and is the title character of the show. He is 5 years older from Sailor Typhoon's timeline from seasons 1-23. He is still Harpoon's boyfriend and has some new allies such as Mugi, Zane, Mike and Neon. Sailor is 16-17 years old and owns his own ship. Some new enemies are featured and Sailor has defeated his former arch-nemesis, Amneal. His new arch-enemy is none other than the evil Voodoo. Sailor along with his crew and some friends sets out to stop the Voodoo as he plans to suck the powers of the Sailor Locket with his machine.
  • Neon McCoy: Neon is now 19-20 years old and is better than ever. He has become Sailor's new best friend after the incident. He seems to rival Zane for best friend sometimes. He seems to value Mugi's knowledge of the past as he is intrigued that Sailor himself would train him. Sailor and Neon has a puny little rivalry that still exist and is heightened in some areas. Neon remains with Sha until they break up in season three but they regroup in the final season.
  • Zane Dales: He was Sailor's original best friend in the past. He in Sailor Typhoon was an antagonist for the 23 season. He was a villain for the 4 part episode, "Invasion of Zane" Parts 1-4 where this is on a dvd. He later in the sequel becomes a great ally to Sailor and joins his new squad. He is 17-18 and has a crush on Tara.
  • Mugi Fokura: He is 13-14 years old and still looks up to Sailor as his idol and mentor. The two still on occasions trains and Sailor teaches new techniques that he knew to Mugi. Mugi is in a rivalry with Mike still but that is a really friendly rivalry.
  • Mike Tycoon: Mike is 14-15 and is the best friend of Mugi Fokura. He has a friendly rivalry with Mugi and sometimes wagers battles with him to see if he could be trained by Sailor to which he always loses accept the very last time they fight where Sailor shows them how he trains.

Villains (Season One)Edit

  • The Voodoo: He is the main antagonist of the series and of the first and last season. He seems to really despise Sailor because he holds the power to defeating him without Sailor realizing it. The Voodoo is around 24-25 years of age. He even tried to resurrect Amneal when he thought that he could stop Sailor. However, the plan worked but Amneal was siding with Sailor that he hated him more than Sailor. Amneal then sets out to help Sailor. First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Reizu: He is the older brother of Sailor and seems to dislike him due to the fact that Sailor has had much more luxury than himself. First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Commander Hawk: He is an employee for General Condor and seems to love all of his ideas. However, after the destruction of the Green Condor Army, he creates his own army called the Genocide Legion. First Appearance: Episode 3
  • Green Condor Army: An elite squadron of fighters. First Appearance: Episode 5
  • Seargent Falcon: He is the superior of Commander Hawk and seems to despise Commander Hawk with all of his guts. He looks up to Lt. Eagle but the latter hates him. First Appearance: Episode 9
  • Lt. Eagle: He is the right hand man of General Condor and the leader of the army. He helps schemes the plans with Officer Raven and General Condor to stop the good and destroy the weak. First Appearance: 14
  • General Condor: He is the leader and most powerful of the Green Condor Army. He was first seen big and tough and very strong. He usually threatens all of his workers except Officer Raven and Lt. Eagle. He craves the Voodoo dead and has even worked with Sailor on occasions. First Appearance: Episode 17
  • Officer Raven: She helps organize things in the army. However, after her departure in season two, she is with the S.S. Admeral Brigade and has a deep fond crush on Sailor. First Appearance: Episode 14


  • Movie #1: Ghost Fury: Sailor and Mugi along with Ace all decides to celebrate the reunion of Sailor in Tailwind Town to where Mike meets up with them. However, the Voodoo creates a ghost realm to suck people away to where they are sent to Oblivion. Sailor and his friends must stop him before it is too late.
  • Movie #2: Journey to Jerseytown: Sailor and his team (S.S. Admeral Brigade) goes to Jerseytown to stop the evil twin brothers, Nikato & Spaovaolch as they are controlled by an evil wizard named Baidbard. However, with Neon's powers acting up, they just might never solve their problems before the wizard can control everyone.
  • Movie #3: Raikougar's Limit: Sailor is putting Raikougar's limit to the test against various fighter across the globe. However, the Voodoo hires a man named San Juan Peveire to exterminate the Raikougar from existence. Sailor must learn to completely harness the power or he is road kill.
  • Movie #4: Reign of Dawn: Harpoon and her squad are in captivity, so, Sphynx with the Scypher Twins along with some others will help him get them from the Gargantuan, Funenkle.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit


Season 1: 2008Edit

Series # Season # Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
1 1 "Mandarin" Eyal Gordin Tom Burkhard March 15, 2010 201
Sailor, Neon, Mugi and Mike all board the ship of the S.S. Admeral Brigade. They all then sets out on adventure as the Voodoo tracks them down. They then encounter bandits on the ship where they find Sailor's long lost brother, Reizu.
2 2 "S.S. Admeral Brigade Flies" Joe Menendez Tom Burkhard & Matt Dearborn March 22, 2010 204
Reizu continues his raid of terror and plans to steal everything. He uses a toxic fume and everyone gets poisoned except Sailor who shakes it off with Raikougar. Sailor then ventures in Zazimoon Town to find his older brother.
3 3 "His Name is Hawk" Gregory Hobson David Regal March 29, 2010 205
The S.S. Admeral Brigade travels to Alcatraz Island where the Green Condor Army's Commander Hawk comes out and chases them with his speed boats. They have to out steer him or fight him for their freedom.
4 4 "Luther Unleashed" Eyal Gordin Matt Dearborn April 5, 2010 202

Luther becomes frustrated with Ozzie "posing" as a skater and wants him to stop once and for all. So Zeke encourages Ozzie to try skate photography. When the photos are taken, Ozzie purposely Photoshops his head onto Luther's body when he performs a great skateboarding move. Luther becomes upset by this and challenges Ozzie to a mixed martial arts match, not realizing that Ozzie only did that to impress his older and more talented brother. Meanwhile, Zeke and Ginger pull bathroom pranks on each other and Kojo tries to impress his girlfriend, Monica with his singing. Note: Monica Lopez (Tristin Mays), Kojo's girlfriend was first introduced in the episode "Skate Squad".

5 5 "Old Nasty" Savage Steve Holland Bernie Ancheta April 12, 2010 207

Zeke is astonished when Ginger takes up interest in skateboarding after Luther secretly gives her lessons in exchange for helping him fill out a video game rental form. Zeke later finds out that the only reason why Ginger is interested in the sport is because of her having a crush on Deuce (Ryan Ochoa), the new kid in town. Ginger is willing to do anything to impress Deuce even if that means skateboarding on "Old Nasty", a dangerous contraption Zeke and Luther help build at "Ramps". Absent: Daniel Curtis Lee as Kojo

6 6 "Double Crush" Savage Steve Holland Matt Dearborn May 3, 2010 208

Zeke and Luther are both smitten by a BMX biker girl named Dani, so Kojo offers to play matchmaker and oversee a series of dates with to determine which skater boy Dani likes best.

Guest stars: Danielle Campbell as Dani and Chelsea Tavares as Bonita Absent: Ryan Newman as Ginger

7 7 "Plunk Hunting" Joe Menendez Tom Burkhard May 10, 2010 203
Zeke and Luther chase after the Plunks (who first appeared in "Not My Sister's Keeper") who have stolen Nana Waffles' wig. During the chase Luther slips on scattered bolts and one of them is injected into his rear end.
8 8 "Kojo's BFF" Eyal Gordin Jason Jordan May 17, 2010 209

Kojo recruits a Tiki Delgado, professional skater to compete against Zeke and Luther in a skating competition. But when Tiki turns out to be a jerk, Zeke and Luther encourage Kojo not to be pushed around by him anymore. Meanwhile, Luther is being haunted by a man-sized banana. Or as Luther calls it "The Manana". Absent: Ryan Newman as Ginger

9 9 "One Strange Night" Eyal Gordin Devin Bunje & Nick Stanton May 24, 2010 210

Zeke, Luther and Kojo misplace their friend Kirby Cheddar after having a snow cone party with decade-expired snow cone syrup. They race to find him before Kirby's mother finds out. Note: This episode is a spoof of the film The Hangover.

10-11 10-11 "Luther Waffles and the Skateboard of Doom" Roger Nygard Tom Burkhard & Matt Dearborn June 21, 2010 211-212

In the first hour long, special Zeke and Luther event: Zeke and Luther are as excited as they can be when they get summer jobs at a skateboard testing factory, but before long, things start to become suspicious and they realize that their boss, Garm Garoosh, an ex-professional skater, is out to destroy Luther Waffles for ending his skateboard career. Meanwhile, Ginger tags along with the guys to sell her potato wedge maker to Mr. Garoosh and Nana Waffles wrecks Luther's room while he is gone.

Guest star: French Stewart as Garm Garoosh Note: The song "In the Summertime" by Adam Hicks and Daniel Curtis Lee was performed(but not shown)in this episode.

12 12 "Crouching Zeke, Dancing Luther" Savage Steve Holland Jason Jordan June 28, 2010 213

Zeke dreams of a nearly impossible trick in which he balances atop his board while it stands vertically. He sets out to do it in real life, asking his mailman Mr. Ng, who doubles as a karate master. Meanwhile, Luther is taking tango classes and needs the help of Lisa to pass the class so he wont have to take it over and over again.

Guest star: Keone Young as Mr. Ng Absent: Ryan Newman as Ginger

13 13 "Luther Waffles: Skate Cop" Savage Steve Holland Bernie Ancheta July 5, 2010 214

Deputy Dingle requires Zeke and Luther to participate in the station's Police Ride-Along Program, and Luther really takes to the job. When Dingle the discovers his pool has been drained, he enlists the help of his new junior deputy to solve the crime. Meanwhile Ginger accidentally kissed Stinky Cast Absent: Daniel Curtis Lee as Kojo

14 14 "Treasure" Rick Weis Tom Burkhard July 12, 2010 217
Zeke and Luther try to find a treasure of a famous banjo player/ bank robber.
15 15 "Rocket Men" Gregory Hobson Devin Bunje & Nick Stanton July 19, 2010 216

Zeke and Luther train with their neighbor to pull off a stunt with his rocket to get into a skateboarding magazine. Meanwhile, Ginger tries to get back the hat from Ozzie Absent: Daniel Curtis Lee as Kojo

16 16 "Board in Class" Gregory Hobson David Regal July 26, 2010 215

Zeke and Luther fear they will get a bad grade in shop class since their Nana rejects their teachers marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Ginger gets a cereal named after her. Absent: Daniel Curtis Lee as Kojo

17 17 "Local Heroes" Millicent Shelton David Regal August 9, 2010 220
Zeke and Luther mistakenly assume the store they work at is being robbed.
18 18 "Super Shredder" John Putch Story by: David Rothenberg
Teleplay by: David Regal
August 16, 2010 222

When Zeke and Luther convince an amateur at the skate park to try skateboarding full-time, they discover they've talked their favorite wrestler into quitting his day job. Guest stars: Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Regan Burns as Mitch

19 19 "Little Bro, Big Trouble" Millicent Shelton Tom Burkhard August 23, 2010 219

Luther tries to spend time with his little brother but he goes off and starts hanging with the Plunks, while Ginger gets mad at Zeke because his brother is trying to be nice but always ends up failing.

Guest star: Davis Cleveland as Roy Waffles Absent: Daniel Curtis Lee as Kojo

20 20 "Robo-Luth" John Putch Devin Bunje & Nick Stanton October 18, 2010 221
Luther gets a new robotic knee; Luther must choose between saving his new knee or his best friend.
21 21 "The Bro List" Matt Dearborn Jessica Glassberg October 25, 2010 225

Pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk arrives when Zeke and Luther set out to accomplish everything on their "bro list" before Luther moves out of town. As they complete each item on the list, they come down to the final task - to meet and skateboard with pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk. After searching high and low for the famous skateboarder, the guys finally have a chance to come face to face with their idol.

Guest star: Chelsea Ricketts as Holly Hendricks Note: In this episode was revealed that the last name of Zeke and Ginger is Falcone.

43 22 "Seoul Bros" Gregory Hobson Devin Bunje & Nick Stanton November 1, 2010 206

After finding the best manager of skate in the world, Zeke and Luther show a video of your stunts. The entrepreneur likes them, but find they are very young. After a poster boys come out of the water mark of a Korean Zeke and Luther says he can and who speak Korean. They go and do the propaganda. But after Luther without wanting to throw up water on the brand owner, everything goes wrong. Absent: Ryan Newman as Ginger