Main CharactersEdit

  • Ryu: He is the main protagonist and is the boyfriend of Arial. He is the rival of Zack for both superiority, who is stronger and because Zack has a crush on Arial. and is the best friend of Danko. Master Reily is said to be Ryu's "grandfather" however, he only found Ryu alone by the shore of his island. So he adopted him making him his grandson. He is the strongest of the heroes and usually has to save everyone. He had littlw to no education due to the fact that as a baby, he was raised by a crazed magezine-obsessed grandpa.
  • Danko: He is Ryu's best friend and deuteragonist of the show. He and Ryu share similar personalities and seems to connect to each other a lot. Despite being Ryu's best friend, they started off originally hating one another as Danko was always annoyed of Ryu's happy-go-lucky attitude until that is got them to be best friends after facing each other in the Island Shore Entry Exam. He is the third strongest of the heroes.
  • Zack: He is the coldest of the main characters and the triagonist of the series. He is in an intense rivalry with Ryu as he does not like him because Ryu seems to have Arial in the bag, Ryu seems to be superior and Ryu seems to be stronger. Their rivalry started when Ryu beat him in the Island Shore Entry Exam. Like Danko and Master Reily partly, hated Ryu. He is the second strongest of the heroes.
  • Arial: She is the only girl on the show and the quadragonist of the show. She is beautiful and a very responsible young woman. When Ryu appeared on the island to stay when being older, she was the only one to befriend him and already accept him. When he beat her at fighting, she complimented him. Arial has a crush on Ryu and they become a couple in the second season.
  • Master Reily: He is the master of the heroes that teaches them to become stronger. He was originally against the idea of letting Ryu becoming an official student there but accepted him when Ryu beat all four of them. From there on, Master Reily and his "grandson" grew even closer and closer like they were grandpa and grandson.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1: 2008Edit

Series # Season # Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
1 1 "Maroon Scape" Matt Dearborn Matt Dearborn February 22, 2002 304
Ryu is put through a test o fighting to see if he can be a student to train on Master Reily's island. However, he must fight the four of them to pass.
2 2 "A Rivals Duel" David Brookwell Sarah Jane Cunningham &Suzie Villandry March 1, 2002 303
When Zack gets humiliated by Ryu, he challenges him to a fight of waters (fighting on water). However, Ryu gets a disadvantage when Zack gets him to eat a berry that leaves you vulnerable for 2 hours.
3 3 "Hone Your Skills" KC Lynn De Stefano Marc Warren March 22, 2002 306
Master Reily is teaching all of the students how to communicate without speaking but through their mind. However, Danko is struggling to do so and is outcasted by the Spiritual Gods. He and Ryu then ventures to the Spiritual Gods to ask why can he not achieve the ability.
4 4 "Island Paradise" Sean McNamara Dennis Rinsler April 19, 2002 301
Arial creates a paradise for herself out in the mini jungle on the island. However, when she is encoutnered by a giant tarantula, she must need Ryu and the others to the rescue.
5 5 "Battle on the Rooftops" Gregory Hobson Tom Burkhard May 3, 2002 305
The owner of the island wants to kick Master Reily and his crew off of the island, however, he refuses to not let them stay when Ryu beats him. He then says that Master Reily must fight him on the roof of the island's Mounty House to settle the feud.
6 6 "Magick Sword" Neal Israel Marc Warren May 10, 2002 302
Ryu finds a magic sword but he does not know how to control it. The others then shuns him when it starts to get out of hand. Ryu then must fight the swords original form to gain and grasp its power.
7 7 "Raid of the Tiki People" Fred Savage Scott Frazee & Brooke Kaiser May 31, 2002 307
When Master Reily upsets the Tiki People by throwing a missing Tiki Doll into the water. They then plot revenge by wrecking havoc amongst the heroes unless they can retrieve the Tiki Doll.
8 8 "Best Friends" KC Lynn De Stefano Steve Slavkin June 14, 2002 314
Ryu and Danko both are best friends and tries to do what best friends do. Meanwhile, Zack tries to befriend Master Reily so Master Reily can get him to go on a date with Arial.
9 9 "Cape Towers" Peter Baldwin Sarah Jane Cunningham &

Suzie Villandry

June 21, 2002 308
When Arial gets the heroes to go to the Island Tower, they are excited until they discover it is actually a prison. Arial then must rescue all of them when they are imprisoned for life.
10 10 "Phantom Boy" Savage Steve Holland Tom Burkhard July 5, 2002 309
Zack finds a sap that turns him invisible, he then uses that to make himself superior to Ryu. Meanwhile, Master Reily tries to hunt Danko down for eating his last peanut butter bar.
11 11 "The Invincible Gargantuan" Gregory Hobson Sarah Jane Cunningham &

Suzie Villandry

August 9, 2002 311
Ryu has a planned date with Arial but misses it when he accidentally awakens an invincible beast. He then tries to find a way to defeat it and make it up to her. Meanwhile, Danko and Zack tries to steal some of the fresh coconuts.
12 12 "My Master's Mentor" Richard Wafer Tom Burkhard August 16, 2002 313
When Master Reily is visited by his mentor, he is forced to leave unless his mentor can be defeated. Ryu then trains him. Meanwhile, Arial blackmails Zack and Danko into doing her bidding.
13 13 "Battle of the Bands" Marc Warren Marc Warren August 30, 2002 315
When the Islanders challenges the heroes to a battle of the bands, they agree but they cannot agree on anything. Ryu then goes on a quest to find out what are they each good at and get back before the competition starts.

Movie #1: 2009Edit

Title Directed by Written by Original air date
"Ryu Saves Christmas!" Sean McNamara Dennis Rinsler & Marc Warren June 13, 2003
It is that time of year where it is about giving and not recieving. However, a man plants a curse on the heroes that delivers them no Christmas presents. The heroes then sets out to find the man and gain their Christmas and the island's Christmas as it affected the whole island.

Season 2: 2009Edit

Series # Season # Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
14 1 "Starstruck" Jonathan Winfrey Marc Warren June 15, 2001 213
Ryu meets a barbarian named Thanork and challenges him to a barbarian obstacle war. When Ryu seems to be physically outmatched, Zack helps him obtain power.
15 2 "Invasion!" Peter Baldwin Marc Warren June 22, 2001 202
Danko accidentally signals aliens to the island and so the heroes struggles to get them out. However, they appear to know how to read minds.
16 3 Zack vs. The Moron" Sean McNamara David Brookwell & Sean McNamara June 29, 2001 203
Zack struggles to outsmart a moron. Meanwhile, Arial is pitted against Master Reily and must do a bunch of ridiculous tasks (with Ryu who helps her) when she loses a bet to Master Reily.
17 4 "Quest of Allegiance" Donna Pescow Dennis Rinsler July 6, 2001 201
The heroes goes on a quest to Zcandavia to find out the origins of their ancestors. When Ryu has no memory of his past and the townsfolk has no clue either, he heads to a fortuneteller that tricks him into believing it was kept a secret because Ryu would turn evil.
18 5 "Ice Pants" Fred Savage Tom Burkhard July 20, 2001 214
Danko finds ice pants but starts putting that before his friends. Meanwhile, Master Reily tries to get the perfect tan.
19 6 "Swimming in the Water" KC Lynn De Stefano Sarah Jane Cunningham &Suzie Villandry July 27, 2001 215
The heroes are all taking a swim test however, Ryu does not kow how to fully swim. Danko and Arial then tries to teach him as he is challenged by Zack in a swimming contest.
20 7 "Screams of the Siren" Jonathan Winfrey Sarah Jane Cunningham &

Suzie Villandry

August 3, 2001 204
When all of the boys becomes head over heels in love with a mermaid, Arial gets jealous and tries to rid the island of her so everything can go back to normal.
21 8 "Olympian Games" Peter Baldwin Tom Burkhard August 24, 2001 205
The heroes are in a olympian game that whoever wins will win a X-Rover 3000. Zack is determined to win it however he tries to eliminate and make Ryu lose because he believes Ryu is going to win.
22 9 "Love & War" John Tracy Edward C. Evans August 31, 2001 206
Master Reily sends Ryu and Arial on a mission to retrieve the the sacred water. They both try to bond with each other however, Zack tries his very best to make them angry at one another as Danko tries to stop Zack. NOTE: Ryu and Arial becomes a couple and kisses in this episode.
23 10 "Bottled in a Cage" Matt Dearborn Matt Dearborn September 7, 2001 207
Master Reily states that he has prepared everyone for the Dark Evil Lord that is coming. When it does come, it imprisons Ryu and Zack in a Hex Capsule in the middle of the ocean. The two then tries to settle their rivalry and works together as Master Reily and the others fights the dark lord with the Tiki People.
24 11 "Fish Wings" Paul Hoen Dennis Rinsler September 28, 2001 209
As Zack and Ryu races back to the island, everyone is defeated and Master Reily is holding his own. When they arrive, they fight but are no match. Ryu then unleashes everything he has ever learned but is still no matched. Ryu then uses his Hidden Power (that he only shows in this episode and in the first episode of the show and in the 2 movies) and beats the Dark Lord. Everyone is then thanking Ryu and Arial kisses him again as they all get ready to fight the Dark Lord's Remains.

Movie #2: 2010Edit

Title Directed by Written by Original air date
"Ryu in Dreamland" Sean McNamara Dennis Rinsler & Marc Warren June 13, 2003
Ryu is practicing his techniques until he is struck by lightning and enters his own mind. He then tries to escape his mind with the help of his dreamed friends before he is trapped in there forever.