This series is made by me and stars a red sonic named Halo.

Primary CharactersEdit

  • Halo: He is an atronmopodic Hedgehog and the primary character of the show. He is a fanmade red hedgehog that resembles Sonic in a way. His best friend is Yensa and his love interest is Rose.
  • Yensa: He is a yellow snake. He is the best friend of Halo and the deuteratagonist of the show. He is the partner in crime of the duo. He has a crush on Kira.
  • Rose: She is the main girl protagonist and the triagonist of the show. She is usually viewed as the one who is there for back up and has a crush on Halo.
  • Kira: She is the quadratagonist of the show and is the secondary female to the group. She normally does not go on adventures with the gang as she has to guard the tower of Minzu.
  • Spike: He is a purple hedgehog and is Halo's secondary best friend. He usually goes on adventures without anybody even inviting him.
  • Pink: She is a pink animal and seems to go on adventures because she likes the company and she has a crush on Halo. She has shown some feelings towards Spike on occasions but remains in love with Halo. She has kissed him three times and hugged him many times.

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Scorpio: He is a scorpion and seems to be one of Halo's main rivals and Spike's on some occasions. He appears out of nowhere along with other characters.
  • Darkness: She is a good friend of the gang and usually hangs out with them whenever the episode involves nightime or being in a dark area.
  • Brick: He is the main rival of Halo and they both rival for best and superiority. However, they are indeed friends. Brick also appears out of nowhere.
  • Vespquen: She use to work for Crimson Beauty until Halo got her out of the darkness. From there on, she has admired Halo and sometimes grew a crush on him. She dedicates her time to pay him back for a lifetime.
  • Anok: He is a mumofied animal and is another of Halo's rivals. He has a crush on Margo.
  • Willa: She is a beautiful animal and admires every boy. She shows the most affection towards Halo and Lemur.
  • Ren: She is a radical girl and the sister of Brick. She is also the toughest girl.
  • Spear: He is an annoying animal that does not always meet eye to eye with the others.
  • Lex: She is the younger sister of Halo and Birken.
  • Flip: He is an ally to the gang but is an enemy to Spike due to his attitude and rude behavior.
  • Blake: She is a great friend to the girls of the gang and many others. She does not get along with Halo and or his family at all.
  • Birken: She is the elder sister of both Lex and Halo. She is usually annoyed with her siblings but still loves them.
  • Magius: She is a goth and flirts with each boy. She has kissed Halo before as well as Spike and Brick.
  • Swift: She is the younger sister of Magius.
  • Tint: She looks evil but can be very sweet and nice, especially to Yensa and Anok.
  • Margo: Like many of the other girls, she likes Halo but is really annoyed of him at the same time. Thye have kissed twice before.
  • Lemur: He is an ally and great rival to Halo and the others.

Crimson Beauty Corps.Edit

  • Crimson Beauty: She is a red snake and is the main antagonist of the series. She flirts with every boy that fights her. She usually infatuates every boy except for Halo who seems to be ineffective by her beauty.
  • Vex: She is Crimson Beauty's main minion and is the second in command. She has a great hatred for Rose & Kira.
  • Vlecan: She also hates the girls and hates Vespquen the most for betraying them for the side of good.
  • Wingart: She was hired by Crimson Beauty as a spy on the side of good to plan their destruction.

Bison's SquadronEdit

  • Bison: He is a secondary villain and is the second main villain. He is an antagonist to the villains, mainly Halo. He also seems to be the main rival with Halo, rivaled with his rivalry with Brick and sometimes Anok.
  • Ptersioric: He is the first creation of Bison. He was made to destroy the heroes and take over their land.
  • Shinda: She was designed to be quick and fast. She was more than a match for Halo and he needed the power of a few females to defeat her.
  • Sensesto: He was designed as a genetic clone of Halo that went bad and turned out to be incredibly strong in comparison to Halo himself.

Other VillainsEdit

  • Crater: She is a dark cat that only appears in dark areas. She is weak against the light and is the enemy of Darkness.
  • Raipher: He is the evil overlord that can overthrow the world and is the main antagonist in one season. He is a main rival to Halo.
  • Blugser: She is a lovely villainess that hates everyone that is good. She swears to kill any girl (even Crimson Beauty).
  • Meercato: He is the elder brother of the Meercatie Twins. He is fast, quick and can blow deadly fast strikes.
  • Meercata: She is the younger sister of the Meercatie Twins. She is short tempered, strong, slow, good in endurance and packs a punch.

Season 1: 2003Edit

Season one comprised 13 episodes, which aired over a period of two months between August 2003 and October 2003. The story arc episodes of the first season focus on Halo trying to adapt to his new life after his home world was destroyed by Crimson Beauty.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
001 Divide and Conquer July 19, 2003 385-901 While running from the Road Cops, Halo comes to find his Home World, Apokolips being destroyed. He tries to save his world but is unable to and is plunged into another world named Mobius where he witnesses his World being destroyed.
002 Blood Brothers July 26, 2003 385-902 When searching for a house, Halo runs into a party and accidentally crashes it. He then lets them help him find a house but finds a tomb under one. They are then face to face with a mumofied person named Anok!
003 Final Exam August 2, 2003 385-903 Crimson Beauty is revealed to have students that would like to work for her. She sends them on one mission to defeat Halo and his friends and bring Halo to her. When defeated once, Halo is thought dead, until he comes and rescues his friends.
004 Forces of Nature August 16, 2003 385-904 While having tea with Margo, lightning starts and two twins causes havoc around Mobius. With Spike hurting Rose's feelings, the others must cope with fending off against the horrible duo.
005 Gears in Motion August 23, 2003 385-905 Crimson Beauty makes a plan and sends her minions to go out and get it. With the boys on a break, the girls must defend Mobius or else Mobius could become chaos, permanently!
006 Nevermore August 30, 2003 385-906 When the gang visits a nightmare area, they meet Darkness. However, Darkness must help them against her worse rival, Crater.
007 Target Acquired September 6, 2003 385-907 Brick has his sights on Halo but cannot ever catch him. When he finally does, the two decides to have an epic fight to the bitter end to decide who is the top fighter in Mobius.
008 Freak Wave September 13, 2003 385-908 All of the gang and their few friends are at the pier until a new villain named Bison arrives and plans to use a giant wave to destroy Mobius. Can the heroes stop him?
009 Below Depths September 20, 2003 385-909 When a local Hedgehog gets tested, he becomes Raipher. He begins to use his psychic powers to his advantage and plans to plummet Mobius 100,000,000 miles under the Equator.
010 Rogue September 27, 2003 385-910 When going to a restaraunt, the gang finds two girls. Halo then reveals them to be his sisters. When the gang gets captured by Crimson Beauty, the three must stop her.
011 Under Wraps November 11, 2003 385-911 After defeating Crimson Beauty's minions, Kira finds herself lightheaded. She awakes to find herself with two girls by the name of Willa and Tint. When they are revealed to be possesed by Crimson Beauty, she must defeat them with the others on their way.
012 Apprentice October 4, 2003 385-912 Brick and Halo just finish a race to where Brick barely won. When he gloats he goes to eat but finds himself in Crimson Beauty's lair. She then infatuates him and gets him to be her apprentice. He then goes out to defeat the gang and manages to take them all down one by one. Eventually, this leaves Halo who even fails to stop him.
013 Apprentice, pt. II October 11, 2003 385-913 The gang awakens to find that their house has been raided as well as everything else. Halo then goes out to where he thinks Brick went. When he finds him inside of Crimson Beauty's lair, they have a final battle for Brick's control.

Season 2: 2004Edit

Season two comprised 13 episodes, over a period of seven months between January 2004 and August 2004. The story arc episodes of the second season focus on Rose dealing with her relationship with Halo. As well as many girls with Halo.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
014 How Long Is Forever? January 10, 2004 257-321 Rose is troubled when it is Valentine's Day but she is too scared to give Halo her card. Margo, Willa, Magius, and Vespquen manages to do so.
015 Kindred Spirits January 17, 2004 257-322 Anok returns from his tomb and goes on an adventure with Halo, Kira and Spike. He tells them that Bison is at it again. When Bison is trying to kill them, they must rely on Anok's no seeing ability.
016 Traction January 24, 2004 257-323 After stopping Crimson Beauty again, Halo goes to the shore where he interacts in battle against a guy named Scorpio. When the two are plunged into the water, they must work together to stop Crimson Beauty from sinking them in water.
017 Rage January 31, 2004 257-324 Margo is annoyed when Blake is ignoring her. When everyone begins to ignore her, she works with a villain named Blugser to teach them a lesson.
018 Fear Itself February 7, 2004 257-325 Brick creates a haunted house to scare everyone to gain money from them. As he suceeds, there still leaves Darkness to scare.
019 Date with Destiny February 14, 2004 257-326 Margo forces Halo to go on a date with her. Rose gets jealous and Kira tries to teach how to be romantic. Meanwhile, the Meercatie Twins returns with more mischief.
020 Transformation February 21, 2004 257-327 An animal named Lemur gets hit by a substance named Cron and turns into a green fured animal. When he comes face to face with Spike and Anok, they drive down the wrong road.
021 Identity Crisis February 28, 2004 257-328 Bison is defeated by Halo and Yesan. He then makes a clone of Halo and makes, Sensesto. The two are in trouble when he is more than their match.
022 Winner Take All March 6, 2004 257-329 Halo, Yesan, Spike, Brick, Anok, Scorpio, Flip and Lemur all competes in a chariot fight where they do not know that Crimson Beauty is controlling it.
023 Betrayal July 31, 2004 257-330 Crimson Beauty's fortress is raided by Yesan and Halo who came to "kidnap" Vespquen. When Crimson Beauty comes and captures them both, Vespquen must make a decision.
024 Fractured August 7, 2004 257-331 When Rose causes Halo to break an arm, she, Kira, Margo, Magius and Yensa all decides to throw him a party for his healing. However, they are all captured and somehow Halo needs to save them with the help of Rose's spirit.
025 Aftershock August 14, 2004 257-332 Bison creates another creation that defeats and captures Halo. When Rose and the others all becomes determined to get him back, Yensa tries to go find him until Bison's two creation defeats him and he is left to die under the water.
026 Aftershock, pt. II August 21, 2004 257-333 With only Anok, Lemur and Scorpio to defend everyone, there is nothing left. Yensa returns to find that world has been conquered by Bison. Yensa then devises a plan when finding Kira, Spike and Rose to save everyone.

Season 3: 2004–2005Edit

Season three comprised 13 episodes, aired over a period of five months between August 2004 and January 2005. The story arc episodes of the third season focus on Spike and his ability to be annoying. He also must cope with being sent to a polar caps facility.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
027 Deception August 28, 2004 257-481 Willa is forced to enter the Tower of Yin-Yang and when the other guardians cannot. When she finds Crater there, she must rely on her instincts.
028 Venegeful X September 4, 2004 257-482 After getting shocked by lightning, the Meercatie Twins are back to fight. When Lemur, Magius and Tint all are left to defend Mobius, they must learn to work as a group.
029 Initiation September 11, 2004 257-483 Crimson Beauty returns and tries to kill a hedgehog named Spear. When the gang goes out to find him, Spike is the most annoyed and plans to rid himself of the nuisance.
030 Accomplices September 18, 2004 257-484 The gang is all annoyed of Spike and his antics. They are then trying to catch him until they are ssisted by Scorpio and Anok. They all then sends him to a boot camp in the arctic region.
031 Haunted October 2, 2004 257-485 Spike is trying to deal with having to do everything himself meanwhile, Crater is back and is using the gang's own fear against them.
032 Spellbound October 9, 2004 257-486 Halo is fighting Brick while Rose is dealing with her love between Margo and Magius, Kira is judging her powers against Tint. However, Yensa is causing this when a speel from a book comes to life.
033 Revolution October 16, 2004 257-487 Vespquen and Willa both are captured by Crimson Beauty and are forced to find their way out. However, they get captured again and needs the aid of Margo, Magius, Blake and Tint.
034 Wavelength October 23, 2004 257-488 Kira is contacted by a mysterious voice and is revealed to be Bison with Shinda. When they both are too much for her, she gets help from Rose.
035 The Beast Within October 30, 2004 257-489 Spike tries to escape the facility when he injects himself with a special fluid. He then goes mad and mutates tenfold.
036 Dreamscape November 6, 2004 257-490 Lemur is having a nightmare about himself being defeated by Crimson Beauty. Halo, Yensa and Rose all enters his mind to help defeat this shadow of darkness.
037 Dangerous Minds January 8, 2005 257-491 Halo is sent to go check up on Spike and when he does, Lex and Birken decides to go with him. When they are there, they must calm down a beast like Spike.
038 Time After Time January 15, 2005 257-492 When a new organization comes along called The Locust comes, nobody is safe. A horde of locust starts to eat away at Mobius with everyone falling one by one.
039 Time After Time

, pt. II

January 22, 2005 257-493 When the family are forced to fight, they are no match and so the gang has no choice but to get Spike back despite him running away due to not being able to change.

Season 4: 2005Edit

Season four comprised 13 episodes, aired over a period of six months between January 2005 and July 2005. The story arc episodes of the fourth season focus on Vespquen coping with her back history of her time working with Crimson Beauty and all of the horrible things she has done.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
040 The Evil Within January 17, 2005 257-494 Vespquen is haunted by an evil spirit that is her own conscience. When it starts to eat away at her, she struggles in a fight for willpower to turn back evil.
041 Competition February 12, 2005 257-495 Rose and Kira both hosts a race to end all races. Halo & Yensa vs. Brick and Lemur vs. Scorpio & Anok. But there can only be one winner in Bison's eyes.
042 Birthmark February 5, 2005 257-496 Vespquen is troubled by her memories and so Margo, Tint, Magius and Swift all comes to comfort her. Meanwhile, both Bison and Crimson Beauty are there to defeat them.
043 The Quest January 29, 2005 257-497 Halo goes on a quest to find where he truly belongs. When he finally thinks he finds it, he is tricked when Brick, Lemur, Scorpio and Anok are there to challenge him on a 1 on 4 rival fight!
044 Framed February 19, 2005 257-498 Margo and Yensa are both accused for a crime they did not commit. So, Spike, Halo, Rose and Kira must prove their innocence despite the fact that
045 Secrets May 9, 2005 257-499 Crimson Beauty defeats the gang and captures Vespquen and opens a portal and puts her back in the past. When she is sent, Halo goes after her and they both wind up back when she was evil and Crimson Beauty was taking over Mobius, prior to Halo's arrival on Mobius.
046 The Prophecy June 4, 2005 257-500 With the past happening again, the present is slowly being altered. Bison with his creations is also not helping either. Meanwhile, Vespquen learns of her destiny and what she must do in order to restore balance to Mobius.
047 Stranded June 11, 2005 257-501 While everything is playing out the way Crimson Beauty and Bison had planned, the gang uses the help from the others to stop the past being the present. Meanwhile, Halo and Vespquen are once again defeated and tries to get to the present where it fails due to no dimension portal being invented.
048 Nocturnal June 18, 2005 257-502 When Crimson Beauty captures Rose and Kira, Spike is put on lockdown and many others are prepareing, that leaves Scorpio and Brick to save them.
049 Grudge Match June 25, 2005 257-503 Vespquen and Halo wakes up to find that they are captured by Crimson Beauty and the others. Vespquen then talks with Evil Vespquen about her destiny and how to go back. Meanwhile, Bison is distracted when fighting up against Margo.
050 Origins July 2, 2005 257-504 The day has finally arrived, the day Vespquen was suppose to rule the world. When the tension builds up, Halo has to snap her out of it. Meanwhile, the present time is being destroyed and the gang and the others gains help from unlikely resources.
051 Origins, pt. II July 9, 2005 257-505 Vespquen and Halo both fights the past Crimson Beauty army and is barely able to hold them off. Halo distracts them while Vespquen opens another portal. Meanwhile, the others are trying to save the distorted world. The Locust then comes and puts their plans into motion.
052 Origins, pt. III July 16, 2005 257-506 When the distorted world is being altered into the new world, new age, Vespquen must own up and defeat herself in an epic final clash. When she finally defeats them, The Locust ambushes everyone except for Halo, Scorpio, Anok, Brick, Margo, Yensa, Tint, Spear and Magius. Note: Vespquen apparently died in this episode. Along with Crimson Beauty.

Season 5: 2005–2006Edit

Season five comprised 13 episodes, aired over a period of four months between September 2005 and January 2006. These episodes were released on The Complete Fifth Season DVD on July 22, 2008. The main focus of this season was Halo with a bunch of other people he does not usually team up with.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
053 New Order September 25, 2005 507 The Locust orders the Doom Patrol to exterminate Scorpio who is sent on a mission to find out what The Locust has done with their people.
054 Mercy October 1, 2005 508 When The Locust strikes again, Mandarin and Madame Meseiuplae comes to fight them off. When they are defeated, they are left to rely on Halo and Brick.
055 We Got the Power October 8, 2005 509 When the new Gang known as + Pub goes after Bison who has all of his creations and fused with another of himself to make the perfect fighting army.
056 Flush the Habit October 15, 2005 510 Yensa struggles when he thinks he has seen Crimson Beauty return. When he gets poisoned by one of her minions, Halo, Anok and Margo sets out to get a cure before he dies.
057 Snowblind October 28, 2005 511 while out in the snow lands in Soviet, Russia, Magius and Halo are both trapped within the ice as in Prisoners of Love. Meanwhile, Tint and Yensa sets out to save them from Crimson Beauty and Semi-Super Bison.
058 Legacy November 5, 2005 512 When Margo and Magius takes Halo on a date, they get ambushed by The Locust and Doom Patrol. Halo then goes to get them back when he meets Vespquen since the big explosion. When they fight, The Locust has their own plans with Mandarin ready to pawn.
059 Hide and Seek November 11, 2005 513 Anok is captured by Semi-Super Bison. Crimson Beauty captures Scorpio. The Locust then captures both Brick and Yensa. When the two are turned to frozen solid like the others, Halo, Tint, Magius and Margo sets out to save the other two. Meanwhile, Madame Meseiuplae is after them.
060 Lightspeed December 3, 2005 514 Scorpio and Anok are both challenged by Madame Meseiuplae and Mandarin in a fight to win everything. When The Locust is setting up their master plan, Vespquen and Tint both goes out to find and help them in battle.
061 The Unnaturals December 10, 2005 515 Crimson Beauty and Bison both creates Bionic Crimson Gigadroid and sends it after the remaining heroes. While Halo is out on running errands for Margo, the Tower is being invaded and so Halo must come to the rescue.
062 Lighthouse December 17, 2005 516 When the others are off at the movies, Margo takes Halo to the Lighthouse the be romantic. When he is distracted by his missing friends, she tries to cheer him up but he must snap out of his trnace to save Margo from Crimson Beauty and Semi-Super Bison.
063 Trigger January 7, 2006 517 The Locust sends Mandarin and Madame Meseiuplae on another mission and gains the power from Vespquen and uses that to destroy the remaining heroes. When that fails, that capture them all except for Halo who was thought dead and Scorpio, Spear and Tint.
064 Save the World January 14, 2006 518 The trio finds Halo and they all goes after The Locust. When fighting them, they manage to release all heroes and has a final battle with all of the villains. When they go, they are once again fought by Mandarin, the Meercatie Twins, Crater and Madame Meseiuplae.
065 Almost Perfect January 16, 2006 519 All of the heroes returns home and the gang has one last end to tie up. All of the villains are in jail except for a new one named Spark who manages to raid everything and recreates a look alike world to Apokolips. Once it was going to blow up, Halo saved everyone in sacrifice of him being destroyed. This is the series finale!


This is a half-length (12-minute) episode that was featured to the sequel of the series that takes place a month after the series.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
000 The Lost Episode January 11, 2005 256-520 When everything is back to normal and everyone is still mourning, a giant crater comes to Mobius and a villain named Moonstar is there to destroy everyone. When all of Mobius is about to be enslaved, it is revealed that Halo took refuge on that and that was the fake Apokolips. He then saves everyone and they all throw him a party. Note: All the girls that like him, kisses him in this episode.