This show is about a hedgehog named Ace.

Main CharactersEdit



He is a red antrompodic hedgehog and the main character of the series. His best friend is not clear and is often shown to be either Zo-So or Beatress. He has shown affetions towards Beatress countless times but has never really admitted to harboring deep feelings for him. He has admitted that he cares for her like a best friend and would put his life on the line, however, she sees him as a best friend as well. He is good friends with many people and his main rivals are Metal Ace & Tron.


He is the triagonist of the series, after Ace and Beatress. He is a hot-headed, headstrong, short-tempered character that can be viewed as an anti-hero or anti-villain throughout the entire series. However, he shows more of his heroic side once season four hits and he becomes much more mature. His best friend is none other than Lightning who understands him completely and they get along very much. As much as he denies it and or tries to hide it through acting tough or ruining the moment on purpose, Fantail is Tron's love interest. She belittles him and usually helps him and motivates him to do the right thing. She has shown much affection to him in return. Tron is usually the one to save her from dying and is the only one that can pull her away from the "darkness." By the end of the series, it is still unknown if they became a couple however, it is strongly implied yes because she kisses him in the lips and they hold hands during the finale scene. Out of all characters, Tron has appeared on the most adventures out of any other person on the show. His main rivals includes Ace, Spike, Virial & Red Tornado.


She is the deutertagonist of the show and is the possible love interest of Ace. She and Ace knew one another since pre-k and they have been best friends ever since. They care for one another and she will usually lash out at anyone who speaks of Ace or to him in a nasty manner. She indeed admires Ace and looks up to him however, it is not confirmed that she likes him but it is strongly hinted.


He is the quadratagonist of the show and the best friend of Tron. The two understands one another quite well and often discusses about their terrible dark pasts. He was at first black furred until the incident involving the Lightning storm which made him permanently bright yellow. He is in love with Margo and even becomes her boyfriend in the season 3 premiere, "Love Potion."


She is a beautiful princess that is pink furred and is friendly all around. She is friends with every "hero" character and gets along with everyone. She is shown to be good friends with mostly Beatress, Ace and Tron. Tron is her love interest of the show. As the two would usually bicker, Fantail would belittle him and eventually was trusted when he told her of his dark past. She is one of the few people that Tron can trust (the others being Lightning and Ace to some extent). They have had a long history together and gets along pretty well, despite their opposite personalities. In their adventures, they tend to flirt a lot once going on their way to succed the mission. Tron usually starts the flirting and usually gets Fantail to join in too. Fantail has hugged Tron countless times, she has kissed him on the cheek at least 9 times, and kissed him on the lips at least 3 times.


He is a green bird like creature that usually gets mad when people forget things inviolving him. He considers himself to be Ace's best friend and right hand man.


  • Ep = Episode number by season
  • = Overall episode number

Season 1: 2008Edit

This season focuses on the Bloodhounds and their plan to eradicate all life on New Mobius.

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
1 1 "The Boy with the Red Hair" Thomas Carr Richard Fielding
(Whitney Ellsworth,
Robert Maxwell)
September 19, 1952
Baby Superman arrives on Earth, grows up and uses his powers to benefit humankind. Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Rescued Man (uncredited), Ross Elliott (listed in credits but not identifiable in the show), Stuart Holmes as Krypton Council Member (uncredited), Robert Rockwell as Jor-El (uncredited), Herbert Rawlinson as Rozan, Joel Nester as Teenage Clark (uncredited), Frances Morris as Sarah Kent, Dani Nolan as Receptionist, Aline Towne as Lara, Stuart Randall as Kogan, Tom Fadden as Eben Kent (uncredited), Sam Flint as Physician (uncredited).
2 2 "Haunted" Thomas Carr Eugene Solow September 26, 1952
Jimmy vacations on an island where some mysterious goings-on are going on. Guest Stars: Maude Prickett (listed in credits but not identifiable in the show), Effie Laird as Aunt Louisa (uncredited), William Challee as Mack (uncredited), Steve Carr as Coast Guard Commander (uncredited), Allene Roberts as Alice, Sara Padden as Mrs. Carmody, Jimmy Ogg as Chris Carmody.
3 3 "Bloodhounds" Thomas Carr Dennis Cooper,
Lee Backman
October 3, 1952
A ventriloquist's dummy is used to pass information to hijackers. Guest Stars: Pierre Watkin as Harry Green, Steve Carr as Armored Car Guard (uncredited), Tris Coffin as Davis, Syd Saylor as Marco the Ventriloquist, Robert Kent as Safe Mover, Phillip Pine as Usher.
Previously, Pierre Watkin portrayed Perry White in the 1948 film serial Superman and the 1950 film serial Atom Man vs. Superman.
4 4 "Tron Legacy pt. I" Thomas Carr William C. Joyce October 10, 1952
Plaster statues, containing curios, figure in a crook's plans. Guest Stars: Buddy Mason as Police Officer (uncredited), Joel Ray as Newsman (uncredited), Wayde Crosby as Pete (uncredited), Maurice Cass as Shop Owner, Steve Carr as Shopkeeper (uncredited), Phillip Pine as Dorn, Michael Vallon as Mr. Bonelli, Tris Coffin as Paul Martin.
5 5 "Tron Legacy pt. II" Thomas Carr Ben Peter Freeman,
Doris Gilbert
October 17, 1952
A locket, worn around an organ-grinder's monkey's neck, holds a secret formula. Guest Stars: Bill Challee as Max, Ned Roberts as Frisch (uncredited), Fred Essler as Jan Moleska (uncredited), Harry Lewis as Harold Crane, Steve Carr as Doctor (uncredited), Michael Vallon as Tony Urmenti, Allene Roberts as Maria Moleska.
6 6 "Shadowcreepers" Lee Sholem Ben Peter Freeman October 24, 1952
Lois and Jimmy are trapped at a motel after discovering a murder victim. Guest Stars: Paul Bryar as Manager, Frank Richards as Solly, Joel Friedkin as Oscar (uncredited), Steve Carr as Mr. Quinn (uncredited), Almira Sessions as Miss Bacharach, John Kellogg as Mitch, Richard Benedict as Baby Face Stevens, Ann Doran as Mrs. King.
7 7 "Trouble in the Amazons" Lee Sholem Dennis Cooper October 31, 1952
Superman is framed for kidnapping a crippled child. Guest Stars: Isa Ashdown as Kathy Williams, Louis Mercier as LaRue, Nan Boardman as Marie, Paul Marion as Cusak, Jack Daly as Perkins, John Doucette as Slugger, Virginia Carroll as Mrs. Williams, Maurice Marsac as Marcel Duval.
8 8 "Rogue Machine" Lee Sholem Dennis Cooper,
Lee Backman
November 7, 1952
Lois is called upon to testify against a gangster who has a mind-control machine. Guest Stars: Griff Barnett as Dr. Stanton, Harry Hayden as Wagner, Harold Kruger as Al (uncredited), Steve Carr as Dr. Hadley (uncredited), Lester Dorr as Bus Driver, James Seay as Senator Taylor, Ben Welden as Curley, Dan Seymour as Cranek.
9 9 "Sacrifice" Thomas Carr Monroe Manning November 14, 1952
Lois becomes trapped in an unstable mine. Guest Stars: Housely Stevenson, Sr. as Pop, Ed Cobb as Lafe Reiser, Milt Kibbee as Harry, Fred Sherman as D.K. Sims, Ray Bennett as Stan.
10 10 "A Lightning Story" Thomas Carr Wells Root November 21, 1952
An unscrupulous doctor uses a truth serum to try to discover Superman's secret identity. Guest Stars: Helen Wallace as Mrs. Olsen (Jimmy's Mother), Walter McGrail as Newsman (uncredited), Joel Friedkin as Herman, Steve Carr as Cook (uncredited), Larry J. Blake as Henchman, Peter Brocco as Dr. Ort.
11 11 "Assualt!" Lee Sholem Peter Dixon November 28, 1952
Superman confronts a crooked wrestling promoter. Guest Stars: Dick Reeves as Bad Luck Brannigan, Tito Renaldo as Ramm, Malcolm Mealey as Wayne, Henry Kulky (a former wrestler in real life) as Crusher (uncredited), Dick Elliott as Sam Bleaker, Karl Davis as Adonis (uncredited), Herb Vigran as Murray, Bill Kennedy as TV announcer (uncredited).
12 12 "Battle Royale" Thomas Carr Ben Peter Freeman
Dick Hamilton
December 5, 1952
Lois Lane discovers her hometown virtually deserted, its citizens fleeing a deadly phantom. Guest Stars: Ann Tyrrell as Miss Walton, Ed Cobb as Peter Godfrey, Malcolm Mealey as Alvin Godfrey, Fred Sherman as Dr. Jessup, Maudie Prickett as Matilda Taisey.
13 13 "How Long is Forever?" Lee Sholem Ben Peter Freeman December 12, 1952
A mobster discovers Superman's costume. Guest Stars: Dan Seymour as Ace, Frank Jenks as Candy, Veda Ann Borg as Connie, Bob Williams as Policeman, Norman Budd as Johnny Sims.
14 14 "Encrypton" Lee Sholem Ben Peter Freeman January 2, 1953
Perry White becomes a prisoner in a wax museum. Guest Stars: Steve Carr as Dr. John Hurley (uncredited), Lester Sharpe as Andrew, Mira McKinney as Madame Selena.
15 15 "Inside the Bloodthirst" Thomas Carr Howard J. Green December 19, 1952
Lois and Jimmy search for treasure. Guest Stars: Hal Gerard as Professor Laverra, Juan Duval as Dr. Cuesta, Steve Carr as Anselmo (uncredited), Julian Rivero as Taxi Driver, Leonard Penn as Mendoza, Martin Garralaga as Chief of Police.
16 16 "Rage" Thomas Carr Eugene Solow December 26, 1952
A crazy doctor kidnaps Jimmy. Guest Stars: John Baer as Kreuger (uncredited), Howland Chamberlin as Dr. Fischer/Schumann, Richard Powers as Major Lee, Rudolph Anders as Dr. Albrecht, Steve Carr as Otto Von Klaben/Madame Charpentier (uncredited), Ross Ford as Heavy, Selmer Jackson as Colonel Redding, Jimmie Dodd as Jake (uncredited), John Crawford as Ambulance Driver (uncredited).
17 17 "Enclosure" Thomas Carr Dick Hamilton January 9, 1953
Criminals force an eccentric scientist to use his robot to commit crimes. Guest Stars: Dan Seymour as Rocko, Herman Cantor as Jail Guard (uncredited), Bob Easton as Marvin, Lucien Littlefield as Horatio Hinkle, Russell Johnson as Chopper, John Harmon as Mousie.
18 18 "Enter the Darkness" Lee Sholem Dick Hamilton January 16, 1953
A Haitian voodoo cult holds Perry's sister hostage. Guest Stars: Milton Wood as Mr. Barbarier, Smoki Whitfield as Voodoo Drummer (uncredited), George Hamilton as Dr. Jerrod, Leonard Mudie as Leland Masters, Henry Corden as William Johnson, Mabel Albertson as Kate White.
19 19 "Bewildered" Thomas Carr Ben Peter Freeman January 23, 1953
Two murderous men and a crazy old woman in an old hotel threaten Jimmy and Perry. Guest Stars: Rhys Williams as Macey Taylor, Cecil Elliott as Elsa, Jonathan Hale as Col. Brand.
20 20 "Shear Strength" Thomas Carr Whitney Ellsworth,
Robert Maxwell
January 30, 1953
A stolen jade statue is a part of a crime that Lois becomes caught up in. Guest Stars: James Craven as John Greer, Paul Burns as Lu Sung, Gloria Saunders as Lilly, Victor Sen Yung as Harry Wong.
21 21 "Explosives pt. I" Lee Sholem Richard Fielding
(Whitney Ellsworth,
Robert Maxwell)
February 6, 1953
Lois is chained to a bomb-carrying madman. Guest Stars: Almira Sessions as Receptionist (uncredited), Trevor Bardette as Bet-a-Million Butler, Lou Lubin as Small Henchman, Steve Carr as Sam (uncredited), Ted Ryan as Large Henchman, Aline Towne as Receptionist (uncredited), Dennis Moore as Officer Riley, Marshall Reed as Inspector Hill, Lou Krugman as Conway (uncredited).
22 22 "Czar of the Underworld" Thomas Carr Eugene Solow February 13, 1953
Clark and Inspector Henderson investigate a film set threatened by mobsters. Guest Stars: Thomas Carr as Director (uncredited), Steve Carr as Director (uncredited), Joe Kirk as Gangster with Binoculars (uncredited), Roy Gordon as Postello, Tony Caruso as Luigi Dinelli, Paul Fix as Ollie, John Maxwell as Guard.
23 23 "Fractured" Lee Sholem Dick Hamilton February 20, 1953
Wolf-like footprints are a clue in the desertion of a lumber camp. Guest Stars: Stanley Andrews as Sam Garvin, Jane Adams as Babette DuLoque, Harold Goodwin as Worker, Lou Krugman as Jacque Olivier.
24 24 "Freak Wave" Thomas Carr Ben Peter Freeman February 27, 1953
A powerful electrical trap is set for Superman as he tries to find the Number One Crime Boss. Guest Stars: John Eldredge as Walter Canby, Barbra Fuller as Sally, Bobby Barber as Tony, Al Eben as "Big Ed" Bullock, Phil Van Zandt as Nick Marone, Joe Mell as Professor, Bill Kennedy as Radio announcer (uncredited).
25 25 "Power Stone pt. I" Lee Sholem Richard Fielding
(Robert Maxwell)
November 23, 1951
A strange sort of little men turn up near an oil rig in a small western town. Guest Stars: Hal K. Dawson as Chuck Weber (uncredited), Harry Harvey as Doc Saunders (uncredited), Beverly Washburn as Little Girl (uncredited), John T. Bambury as Mole Man (uncredited), Tony Boris as Mole Man (uncredited), Margia Dean as Mother (uncredited), Irene Martin as Mrs. Pomfrey (uncredited), Walter Reed as Bill Corrigan, J. Farrell MacDonald as Pop Shannon, Steve Carr as Eddie (uncredited), Billy Curtis as Mole Man (uncredited), Jeff Corey as Luke Benson, Jerry Maren as Mole Man (uncredited), Byron Foulger as Jeff Regan (uncredited), Ray Walker as John Craig (uncredited), Stanley Andrews as Sheriff (uncredited), John Phillips as Matt (uncredited).
Originally presented in theaters as Part 1 of Superman and the Mole Men.
26 26 "Power Stone pt. II" Lee Sholem Richard Fielding
(Robert Maxwell)
November 23, 1951
The frightened townfolk threaten the little men. Guest Stars: Billy Curtis as Mole Man (uncredited), Ray Walker as John Craig (uncredited), John Phillips as Matt (uncredited), Steve Carr as Eddie (uncredited), Tony Boris as Mole Man (uncredited), John T. Bambury as Mole Man (uncredited), Jerry Maren] as Mole Man (uncredited), Jeff Corey as Luke Benson, Walter Reed as Bill Corrigan, J. Farrell MacDonald as Pop Shannon, Frank Reicher as Hospital Administrator (uncredited), Phil Warren as Deputy Jim (uncredited), Hal K. Dawson as Chuck Weber (uncredited), Adrienne Marden as Nurse (uncredited), John Baer as Doctor Reed (uncredited), Stanley Andrews as Sheriff (uncredited).
Originally presented in theaters as Part 2 of Superman and the Mole Men, it features Phyllis Coates' final appearance as Lois Lane.

Season 2: 2008Edit

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
1 27 "Five Minutes to Doom" Thomas Carr Monroe Manning September 18, 1953
Superman tries to save a falsely convicted man who is on death row. Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Joe Winters, Kim Charney as Billy Winters (uncredited), Sam Flint as The Warden, Lewis Russell as Mr. Wayne, William Green as Governor, Dale Van Sickel as Baker, Jean Willes as Secretary, Lois Hall as Mrs. Winters, John Kellogg as Turk.
Noel Neill's first appearance on the series as Lois Lane. Previously, Neill portrayed Lois in the 1948 film serial Superman and the 1950 film serial Atom Man vs. Superman.
2 28 "The Big Squeeze" Thomas Carr David Chantler September 25, 1953
An ex-con wants to better his life. Guest Stars: Reed Howes as Police Officer, Harry Cheshire as Mr. Foster, Bradley Mora as Tim Grayson, Ted Ryan as Al, Hugh Beaumont as Dan Grayson, Aline Towne as Peggy Grayson, John Kellogg as Luke Maynard.
3 29 "The Man Who Could Read Minds" Thomas Carr Roy Hamilton October 3, 1953
Jimmy and Lois try to trap a thief. Guest Stars: Russell Custer as Sergeant, Tom Bernard as Doug, Veola Vonn as Laura, Larry Dobkin as Swami, Richard Karlan as Monk.
4 30 "Jet Ace" Thomas Carr David Chantler October 10, 1953
A pilot with secret government information is kidnapped. Guest Stars: Selmer Jackson as General Summers, Jim Hayward as Tim Mallory, Larry Blake as Martin, Ric Roman as Nick, Lane Bradford as Chris White, Dick Reeves as Frenchy.
5 31 "Shot in the Dark" George Blair David Chantler October 17, 1953
A photo reveals Superman's identity. Guest Stars: Vera Marshe as Harriet Harper, Billy Gray as Alan, Alan Lee as Bill, Frank Richards as Hank, John Eldredge as Burt "Tulip Man" Burnside.
6 32 "The Defeat of Superman" George Blair Jackson Gillis October 24, 1953
An eccentric scientist invents synthetic Kryptonite to help a mob boss defeat Superman. Guest Stars: Sid Tomack as Ruffles, Maurice Cass as Meldini, Peter Mamakos as Happy King.
7 33 "Superman in Exile" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis October 31, 1953
Superman saves a nuclear reactor from exploding, and is rendered dangerously radioactive. Guest Stars: Sam Balter as Radio Announcer, Bob Carson as Allen, Don Dillaway as Fred Harris, Leon Askin as Josef Ferdinand, Joe Forte as Professor Adams, Philip Van Zandt as Regan, Gregg Barton as Sheriff, John Harmon as Skinny.
8 34 "A Ghost for Scotland Yard" George Blair Jackson Gillis November 7, 1953
A dead magician frightens his former associates. Guest Stars: Colin Campbell as Sir Arthur MacCready, Clyde Cook as News Vendor, Patrick Aherne as Inspector Farrington, Evelyn Halpern as Betty, Leonard Mudie as Brockhurst, Norma Varden as Mabel MacCready.
9 35 "The Dog Who Knew Superman" Thomas Carr David Chantler November 14, 1953
A dog is believed to know the whereabouts of Superman. Guest Stars: Dona Drake as Joyce, Lester Dorr as Man at Well, Billy Nelson as Louie, John Daly as Dog Catcher, Ben Welden as Hank.
10 36 "The Face and the Voice" George Blair Jackson Gillis November 21, 1953
A crook undergoes cosmetic surgery and voice training, to look and sound like Superman. Guest Stars: George Reeves as Boulder, Carleton Young as Mr. Fairchild, George Chandler as Scratchy, Percy Helton as Hamlet, Hayden Rorke as Tom (uncredited), I. Stanford Jolley as Plastic Surgeon (uncredited), Nolan Leary as Jewelry Store Watchman, William Newell as Grocery Store Clerk, Sam Balter as Radio Announcer (uncredited).
11 37 "The Man in the Lead Mask" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis November 28, 1953
A criminal is believed to have altered his fingerprints. Guest Stars: John Crawford as Morrell, John Merton as Doc, Joey Ray as Marty Mitchell, Louis Jean Heydt as Pawley, Lyn Thomas as Waitress (as Lynn Thomas), Frank Scannell as Canfield, Paul Bryar as Scotty.
12 38 "Panic in the Sky" George Blair Roy Hamilton December 5, 1953
An asteroid threatens Metropolis. Guest Stars: Clark Howat as Assistant, Thomas Moore as Shopkeeper, Jane Frazee as Country Woman, Jonathan Hale as Professor Roberts.
13 39 "The Machine That Could Plot Crimes" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis December 12, 1953
An eccentric professor's "electronic brain" is used by crooks to commit robberies. Guest Stars: Billy Nelson as Larry McCoy, Russell Custer as Policeman, Stan Jarmen as Pinky, Sherry Moreland as Bank Teller, Sterling Holloway as Uncle Oscar, Sam Balter as Radio Announcer, Ben Welden as Nosey.
14 40 "Jungle Devil" Thomas Carr Peter Dixon December 19, 1953
Jimmy, Lois, and Clark travel to a jungle in search of a lost scientist, and encounter a dangerous jungle creature. Guest Stars: James Seay as Bill Hurd, Al Kikume as Native Chief, Henry Escalante as Native Man, Leon Lontoc as Witch Doctor, Doris Singleton as Gloria Harper, Damian O'Flynn as Dr. Ralph Harper, Nacho Galindo as Alberto, Bernie Gozier as Native Man, Steve Calvert as the Gorilla (uncredited)[2].
15 41 "My Friend Superman" Thomas Carr David Chantler December 26, 1953
A diner owner tells others Superman is his friend. Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Noisy Teenager (as Ruta Kilmonis), Tito Vuolo as Tony, Joseph Vitale as Cap, Terry Frost as Spud, Paul Burke as Ace, Eddie Ryder as Noisy Teenager (as Edward Reider), Yvette Duguay as Elaine (as Yvette Dugay), Ralph Sanford as George.
16 42 "The Clown Who Cried" George Blair David Chantler January 2, 1954
A telethon becomes the target for a crook. Guest Stars: William Wayne as Rollo the Clown, Harry Mendoza as San Low Too, Charles Williams as Tim, George Douglas as Security Guard, Mickey Simpson as Hercules, Peter Brocco as Crackers.
17 43 "The Boy Who Hated Superman" George Blair David Chantler January 9, 1954
A teenager has criminal associates. Guest Stars: Charles Meredith as Judge Allen, Tyler MacDuff as Frankie, Leonard Penn as Fixer, Roy Barcroft as Duke Dillon, Dick Reeves as Babe.
18 44 "Semi-Private Eye" George Blair David Chantler January 16, 1954
Jimmy acts as a private eye. Guest Stars: Richard Benedict as Cappy Leonard, Alfred Linder as Morrie, Douglas Henderson as Noodles, Paul Fix as Fingers (as Peter Fix), Elisha Cook as Homer Garrity.
19 45 "Perry White's Scoop" George Blair Roy Hamilton January 23, 1954
Perry involves himself in a murder story. Guest Stars: Jan Arvan as Max, Tom Monroe as Diver, Bibs Borman as Maria, Robert J. Wilke as Bingham (as Robert Wilke), Steve Pendleton as Lynch.
20 46 "Beware the Wrecker" George Blair Royal K. Cole January 30, 1954
A terrorist is loose in the transportation system. Guest Stars: William Forrest as Mr. Crane, Renny McEvoy as Carnival Barker, Tom Powers as Mr. Morgan, Pierre Watkin as Mr. Kilgore, Denver Pyle as Emil Hatch.
21 47 "The Golden Vulture" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis February 6, 1954
Jimmy and Lois are held prisoners by a self-styled pirate. Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Captain McBain, William Vincent as Ship Hand, Dan Turner as Ship Hand, Wes Hudman as Dock Worker, Murray Alper as Sanders, Robert Bice as Bennet, Carl Saxe as Ship Hand, Sol Gorss as Ship Hand, Vic Perrin as Scurvy.
22 48 "Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor" Thomas Carr David Chantler February 13, 1954
Perry's place in the office is taken by Jimmy. Guest Stars: Jack Pepper as Daily Planet custodian, Bob Grosson as Junior Police Chief, Ronald Hargrave as Junior Mayor, Anthony Hughes as Hospital Director, Dick Rich as Toots, Keith Richards as Henchman, Herb Vigran as Legs Leemy.
23 49 "Lady in Black" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis February 20, 1954
Jimmy investigates a mystery in his apartment building. Guest Stars: Frank Ferguson as Mr. Frank, Frank Marlowe as an extra, John Doucette as Scarface, Rudolph Anders as art thief with glasses, Virginia Christine as Mrs. Frank, Holly Bane as Police Officer (as Mike Ragan).
24 50 "Star of Fate" Thomas Carr Roy Hamilton February 27, 1954
An Egyptian jewel appears to be striking down anyone who opens the box containing it. Guest Stars: Ted Hecht as Ahmed, Tony De Mario as March, Lawrence Ryle as Dr. Barnack, Jeanne Dean as Alma, Arthur Space as Dr. Wilson, Paul E. Burns as Mr. Whitlock (as Paul Burns).
25 51 "The Whistling Bird" Thomas Carr David Chantler March 6, 1954
An eccentric scientist entrusts his secret formula to a pet parakeet, which is then stolen. Guest Stars: Allene Roberts as Nancy, Toni Carroll as Dorothy Manners, Otto Waldis as Scientist, Sterling Holloway as Uncle Oscar, Marshall Reed as Security Agent, Joseph Vitale as Speck.
26 52 "Around the World with Superman" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis March 13, 1954
Superman works to restore a blind girl's sight. Guest Stars: Raymond Greenleaf as Dr. Anderson, James L. Brown as Jim Carson (as James Brown), Max Wagner as Radio Operator, Patrick Aherne as Murray, Judy Anne Nugent as Ann Carson, Kay Morley as Elaine Carson.

[edit] Season 3: 1955Edit

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
1 53 "Through the Time Barrier" Harry Gerstad David Chantler April 23, 1955
An eccentric scientist transports the Daily Planet staff to prehistoric times. Guest Stars: Ed Hinton as Cave Man, Jim Hyland as Turk Jackson, Florence Lake as Cave Woman, Sterling Holloway as Professor Twiddle.
2 54 "The Talking Clue" Harry Gerstad David Chantler April 30, 1955
Henderons's son's collection of sound recordings provides a clue to his abduction. Guest Stars: Richard Shackleton as Ray Henderson, Julian Upton as Claude James, Billy Nelson as Muscles McGurk, Brick Sullivan as Policeman.
3 55 "The Lucky Cat" Harry Gerstad Jackson Gillis May 7, 1955
An anti-superstition club is the target of a saboteur. Guest Stars: Charles Watts as Bill Green, Ted Stanhope as Mr. Fredricks, Carl Harbord as Charlie King, Harry Tyler as Mr. Botts, John Phillips as Plainclothes Officer.
4 56 "Superman Week" Harry Gerstad Peggy Chantler Dick May 14, 1955
Superman Week is threatened by Kryptonite. Guest Stars: Buddy Mason as Bank Guard, Herb Vigran as Cy Horton, Jack George as Mr. Vanderglass, Tamar Cooper as Portrait Artist, Paul Burke as Matthew.
5 57 "Great Caesar's Ghost" Harry Gerstad Jackson Gillis May 21, 1955
Julius Caesar's ghost visits Perry White. Guest Stars: Trevor Bardette as Julius Caesar, Olaf Hytten as Jarvis, Jim Hayward as Gangster.
6 58 "Test of a Warrior" George Blair Leroy H. Zehren May 28, 1955
A test of valor is required of an old Indian chief. Guest Stars: George Lewis as John Hancock, Maurice Jara as Red Hawk, Francis McDonald as Great Horse, Ralph Moody as Medicine Man, Lane Bradford as Indian.
7 59 "Olsen's Millions" George Blair David Chantler June 4, 1955
Jimmy receives a million dollars from an eccentric old lady. Guest Stars: Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Peabody, Leonard Carey as Herbert, George E. Stone as Big George, Tyler MacDuff as Delivery Boy, Richard Reeves as Stacey Tracey.
8 60 "Clark Kent Outlaw" George Blair Leroy H. Zehren September 10, 1955
Clark poses as a safecracker. Guest Stars: John Doucette as Foster, Lyn Thomas as Nurse, George Eldredge as Wingate, Pat O'Moore as Bennet, Sid Tomack as Curtis, Tris Coffin as Stoddard.
9 61 "The Magic Necklace" George Blair Jackson Gillis September 17, 1955
An ancient necklace is believed to protect its wearer from harm. Guest Stars: Lawrence Ryle as Jake Morrell, Ted Hecht as Correspondent, Cliff Ferre as Dispatcher, Frank Jenks as Lazy, Paul Fierro as Abdul, Leonard Mudie as Professor Jody, John Harmon as Clicker.
10 62 "The Bully of Dry Gulch" George Blair David Chantler September 24, 1955
A phony gunslinger dominates a western town. Guest Stars: Myron Healey as Gunner Flinch, Eddie Baker as Bartender, Raymond Hatton as Sagebrush, Martin Garralaga as Pedro.
11 63 "Flight to the North" George Blair David Chantler October 1, 1955
Another man is mistaken for Superman. Guest Stars: Chuck Connors as Sylvester J. Superman, Richard Garland as Steve, Marjorie Owens as Margie Holloway, Ralph Sanford as Buckets, George Chandler as Hotel Clerk, Ben Welden as Leftover Louie Lyman.
12 64 "The Seven Souvenirs" George Blair Jackson Gillis October 8, 1955
Superman souvenirs provide clues to a crime. Guest Stars: Louise Lewis as Lady, Phil Tead as Mr. Willy, Steve Calvert as Louie, Rick Vallin as Scar Man, Arthur Space as Mr. Jasper.
13 65 "King for a Day" George Blair Dwight Babcock October 15, 1955
Jimmy stands in for a king to help him defeat revolutionaries. Guest Stars: Chet Marshall as Prince Gregor, Peter Mamakos as Marcel, Jan Arvan as Rigor, Leon Askin as Vallin, Stephen Bekassy as Colonel Gubeck, Carolyn Scott as Baroness, Phil Van Zandt as Maral.

[edit] Season 4: 1956Edit

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
1 66 "Joey" Harry Gerstad David Chantler February 18, 1956
The Planet invests in a racehorse. Guest Stars: Mauritz Hugo as Luke Palmer, Bill Kennedy as Race Track Announcer, Jay Lawrence as Henchman, Tom London as Peter Thomas, Janine Perreau as Alice, Billy Nelson as Sulley.
2 67 "The Unlucky Number" Harry Gerstad David Chantler February 25, 1956
A rigged jellybean guessing game attracts Superman's notice. Guest Stars: John Beradino as Dexter Brown (as John Berardino), Russell Conklin as Slippery Elm, Henry Blair as Bobby, Jack Littlefield as Boots, Tony De Mario as Vendor, Elizabeth Patterson as Clara Exbrook, Alan Reynolds as Mr. Kelly, Alfred Linder as Collector.
3 68 "The Big Freeze" Harry Gerstad David Chantler March 3, 1956
Thugs use a super-cold freezer to disable Superman. Guest Stars: George E. Stone as Duke Taylor, Eddie Baker as Guard, John Phillips as Citizen, Rolfe Sedan as Dr. Watts, Richard Reeves as Little Jack.
4 69 "Peril by Sea" Harry Gerstad David Chantler March 10, 1956
Perry White's seaside cottage becomes a target for crooks. Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Ace Miller, Ed Penny as Guard, Julian Upton as Barney.
5 70 "Topsy Turvy" Harry Gerstad David Chantler April 21, 1956
An eccentric scientist invents a machine that makes people feel upside-down. Guest Stars: Ben Welden as Carney, Mickey Knox as Yo-Yo, Charles Williams as Flag Pole Sitter, Phillips Tead as Professor Pepperwinkle.
6 71 "Jimmy the Kid" Philip Ford Leroy H. Zehren April 28, 1956
A lookalike thug takes Jimmy's place. Guest Stars: Damian O'Flynn as J. W. Gridley, Florence Ravenel as Mrs. Cooper, Diana Darrin as Macey, Rick Vallin as Thug, Jack Larson as Kid Collins, Steve Conte as Thug.
7 72 "The Girl Who Hired Superman" Philip Ford David Chantler May 5, 1956
A foreign dignitary hosts Superman. Guest Stars: John Eldredge as Jonas Rockwell, George Khoury as Casper, Gloria Talbott as Mara Van Cleaver, Lyn Guild as Milly, Maurice Marsac as Orresto.
8 73 "The Wedding of Superman" Philip Ford Jackson Gillis May 12, 1956
Superman proposes to Lois, while a criminal plots her murder. Guest Stars: Milton Frome as Farraday, Dolores Fuller as Joan, Doyle Brooks as Poole, Julie Bennett as Mabel, John Cliff as Assistant, Nolan Leary as Justice of the Peace.
9 74 "Dagger Island" Philip Ford Robert Leslie Bellem May 19, 1956
An eccentric millionaire leaves his fortune to three relatives. Guest Stars: Myron Healey as Paul, Ray Montgomery as Jeff, Raymond Hatton as Jonathan Scag, Dean Cromer as Mickey.
10 75 "Blackmail" Harry Gerstad David Chantler,
Oliver Drake
May 26, 1956
Inspector Henderson is found with stolen money. Guest Stars: Herb Vigran as Arnold Woodman, Sidney Tomack as Eddie, Selmer Jackson as Commissioner, George Chandler as Bates.
11 76 "The Deadly Rock" Harry Gerstad Jackson Gillis June 2, 1956
Mobsters use Kryptonite to try to disable Superman. Guest Stars: Steven Geray as Professor Van Wyck, Robert Lowery as Gary Allen, Bob Foulk as Big Tom Rufus, Lyn Thomas as The Dutchess, Sid Melton as Thug, Jim Hayward as Baggage Man, Vincent G. Perry as Doctor, Ric Roman as Snorkel.
12 77 "The Phantom Ring" Philip Ford David Chantler June 9, 1956
Superman pursues a ring of invisible jewel thieves and bank robbers. Guest Stars: Peter Brocco as The Spectre, George Brand as Clerk, Paul Burke as Rosey, Ed Hinton as Joe, Henry Rowland as Luke, Lane Bradford as Al.
13 78 "The Jolly Roger" Philip Ford David Chantler June 16, 1956
Modern-day pirates hold the Planet staff captive on an island. Guest Stars: Eve Brent as Lady (as Jean Lewis), Eric Snowdon as Capt. Thud, Chet Marshall as Lieutenant, Patrick Aherne as Capt. Scud, Dean Cromer as Riffles, Pierre Watkin as Admiral, Ray Montgomery as Tyler, Myron Healey as Capt. Mud, Leonard Mudie as Capt. Blood, (uncredited), William Henry as Capt. Mud, Charles Cane as Lt. Schultz.

[edit] Season 5: 1957Edit

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
1 79 "Peril in Paris" George Blair David Chantler March 8, 1957
Superman helps a woman escape from a land behind the Iron Curtain. Guest Stars: Peter Mamakos as Gregor, Charles La Torre as Officer Gerard, Albert Carrier as Inspector Lamont, Lilyan Chauvin as Anna Constantine, Franz Roehn as Jacques du Cray, Robert Shayne as French Police Inspector.
2 80 "Tin Hero" George Blair Wilton Schiller March 15, 1957
A mild-mannered bookkeeper catches a criminal and becomes a crime reporter. Guest Stars: Paula Houston as Celia Adams, Carl Ritchie as Frank Smullins, Sam Finn as Fingers Danny, Jack Lomas as Big Jack, Frank Richards as Marty.
3 81 "The Town That Wasn't" Harry Gerstad Wilton Schiller March 22, 1957
A mysterious town appears and disappears and re-appears. Guest Stars: Charles H. Gray as Fake Arresting Policeman, Michael Garrett as Mr. Harris, Phillip Barnes as Truck Driver, Jack Littlefield as Diner Counterman, Frank Connor as Driver Paying Fine, Richard Elliott as Judge, Terry Frost as Fake Policeman.
4 82 "The Tomb of Zaharan" George Blair David Chantler March 29, 1957
Lois becomes the target of an ancient cult. Guest Stars: Ted Hecht as Abdul ben Bay, George Khoury as Prefecture of Police, Gabriel Mooradian as Airport Robber #2, Jack Reitzen as Ali Zing, Jack Kruschen as Airport Robber #1.
5 83 "The Man Who Made Dreams Come True" George Blair David Chantler April 5, 1957
Scammers try to dupe a naive and superstitious monarch. Guest Stars: Keith Richards as The Dreamer, Laurie Mitchell as Ruby, Hal Hoover as Mike, Sandra Harrison as Nancy Boyd, Cyril Delevanti as King of Sartania, John Banner as Bronsky.
6 84 "Disappearing Lois" Harry Gerstad Peggy Chantler Dick,
David Chantler
April 12, 1957
Lois plays as a housemaid to a mobster, in order to get a news story. Guest Stars: Yvonne White as Sarah Green, Milton Frome as Garrett, Ben Welden as Lefty.
7 85 "Money to Burn" Harry Gerstad David Chantler April 19, 1957
Perry White is believed to be an arsonist. Guest Stars: Dale Van Sickel as Slim's Partner, Mauritz Hugo as Slim, Richard Emory as Fire Marshal.
8 86 "Close Shave" Harry Gerstad Steve Post,
Benjamin B. Crocker
April 26, 1957
A barber with the gift of persuasion tries to get a criminal to go straight. Guest Stars: Harry Fleer as Lefty, Rick Vallin as Rick Sable, Jack Littlefield as Mickey, John Ferry as Trigger, Don Diamond as Harry (as Donald Diamond), Richard Benedict as Gambini.
9 87 "The Phony Alibi" George Blair Peggy Chantler Dick May 3, 1957
Crooks transport themselves over telephone lines using an eccentric scientist's invention. Guest Stars: Phillips Tead as Professor Pepperwinkle, Harry Arnie as Moe, John Cliff as Ed Crowley, Frank Kreig as Benny, William Challee as Clippy.
10 88 "The Prince Albert Coat" George Blair Leroy H. Zehren May 10, 1957
An old Prince Albert coat contains an old man's life savings. Guest Stars: Raymond Hatton as Grandfather Jackson, Claire DuBrey as Mrs. Craig, Steve Wooton as Bobby Jackson, Jack Finch as Tom Summerfield, Ken Christy as Mr. McCoy, Frank Fenton as Mortimer Vanderlip, Dan White as Mike (as Daniel White), Phil Arnold as Cueball.
11 89 "The Stolen Elephant" Harry Gerstad David Chantler May 17, 1957
A stolen elephant delights a boy who thinks it has arrived on its own. Guest Stars: Thomas Jackson as Mr. Haley, Gregory Moffett as Johnny Wilson, Gregg Martell as Butcher, I. Stanford Jolley as Spike (as Stanford Jolley), Eve McVeagh as Johnny's Mom.
12 90 "Mr. Zero" Harry Gerstad Peggy Chantler Dick May 24, 1957
Crooks want to use a Martian in their plans. Guest Stars: George Barrows as Slouchy Magoo, Herb Vigran as Georgie Gleap, Leon Alton as Clerk, George Spotts as Martian Leader, Billy Curtis as Mr. Zero.
13 91 "Whatever Goes Up" Harry Gerstad Wilton Schiller May 31, 1957
Jimmy invents an anti-gravity fluid. Guest Stars: Tristram Coffin as Major Osborne, Milton Frome as Mr. Gannis.

[edit] Season 6: 1958Edit

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
1 92 "The Last Knight" Thomas Carr David Chantler February 3, 1958
An organization of would-be modern-day knights imprisons Jimmy and Lois. Guest Stars: Jason Johnson as Sir Henry, Morgan Windbiel as Policeman #2, Thomas Dillon as Museum Guard, Ron Foster as Policeman #1, Ollie O'Toole as Chaffeur/Squire, Paul Power as Sir Gawaine, Marshall Bradford as Sir Arthur, Pierre Watkin as Sir Lancelot.
2 93 "The Magic Secret" Philip Ford Robert Leslie Bellem,
Whitney Ellsworth
February 10, 1958
Superman is trapped by a Kryptonite ray gun. Guest Stars: Jack Reynolds as Jewel Thief, Buddy Lewis as Eddie, Freeman Lusk as Mr. Grizwald, Kenneth Alton as Jewel Thief, Budd Buster as Professor Von Bruner.
3 94 "Divide and Conquer" Philip Ford Robert Leslie Bellem,
Whitney Ellsworth
February 17, 1958
Superman rearranges his molecules to fight a criminal. Guest Stars: Robert Tafur as Hernando Obreon, Jack Littlefield as Jail Guard, Jack Reitzen as Felipe Gonzales, Donald Lawton as Presidente Bateo, Everett Glass as Professor Lucerne.
4 95 "The Mysterious Cube" George Blair Robert Leslie Bellem,
Whitney Ellsworth
February 24, 1958
A criminal hides in an impenetrable bunker. Guest Stars: Bruce Wendell as Paul Barton, John Ayres as Admiral, Joel Riordan as Acetylene Torch Operator, Keith Richards as Steve Barton, Everett Glass as Professor Lucerne, Ben Welden as Jody Malone.
5 96 "The Atomic Captive" George Blair Robert Leslie Bellem,
Whitney Ellsworth
March 3, 1958
Lois and Jimmy become stranded on an atomic testing ground. Guest Stars: Ben Ari as Dr. Latislav, George Khoury as Nicolai, Elaine Riley as Miss Collins Agent X-29, Mark Sheeler as Igor, Jan Arvan as Zarinski Agent X-249, Walter Reed as General Barrow.
6 97 "The Superman Silver Mine" George Blair Peggy Chantler Dick March 10, 1958
Two crooks try to steal a silver mine. Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Mr. Pebble/Dan Dobey, Charles Maxwell as Boris "Bordelaise".
7 98 "The Big Forget" Howard Bretherton Robert Leslie Bellem, Whitney Ellsworth March 17, 1958
An eccentric scientist creates an anti-memory vapor, which is used to stage a robbery. Guest Stars: Phillips Tead as Professor Pepperwinkle, Billy Nelson as Knuckles Nelson, Herb Vigran as Mugsy Maples.
8 99 "The Gentle Monster" Howard Bretherton David Chantler March 24, 1958
Criminals force an eccentric scientist to use his robot to commit crimes. Guest Stars: Ben Welden as Blade, John Vivyan as Duke, Orville Sherman as Gangster Scientist, Wilkie DeMartel as Mr. MacTavish, Phillips Tead as Professor Pepperwinkle.
9 100 "Superman's Wife" Lew Landers Robert Leslie Bellem,
Whitney Ellsworth
March 31, 1958
Superman marries a beautiful blonde policewoman. Guest Stars: Joi Lansing as Sgt. Helen J. O'Hara, John Bennes as Dugan, Harry Arnie as Blinkie, John Eldredge as Mr. X, Wayne Heffley as Duke Barlow.
10 101 "Three in One" Lew Landers Wilton Schiller,
Whitney Ellsworth
April 7, 1958
Three circus performers pool their talents to commit crimes. Guest Stars: Sid Tomack as Harmon, Rick Vallin as Pallini, Buddy Baer as Atlas, Craig Duncan as Mr. Dawson.
11 102 "The Brainy Burro" George Reeves David Chantler April 14, 1958
Jimmy and Lois are believed to be thieves, with a burro as the only witness to the crimes. Guest Stars: Marc Cavell as Pepe, Sid Cassel as Waiter, Edward LeVeque as Juan Luque, Natividad Vacío as Inspector Tomayo, Ken Mayer as Albert, Mauritz Hugo as Tiger.
12 103 "The Perils of Superman" George Reeves Robert Leslie Bellem,
Whitney Ellsworth
April 21, 1958
Murderous criminal take revenge on the Planet staff. Guest Stars: Yvonne White as Ethel, Michael Fox as Masked Man #1 ("Boss"), Steve Mitchell as Masked Man #2.
13 104 "All That Glitters" George Reeves Robert Leslie Bellem,
Whitney Ellsworth
April 28, 1958
Jimmy and Lois acquire super powers, while an eccentric scientist develops a method for manufacturing gold. Guest Stars: Phillips Tead as Professor Pepperwinkle, Jack Littlefield as Boots, Myrna Fahey as Mr. Golby's Secretary, Paul Cavanagh as Mr. Carter, George Eldredge as Mr. Salem, Dick Elliott as Mr. Golby, Len Hendry as Mitchell.

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